JORD wood watches

I used to love wearing watches during my schooling days until one of the watches keep cutting my skin and I stop... Stopped wearing it often doesn't means I don't wear watches! I still wear them when I feel like it! kekekek (^_^)

When I came across JORD - wood watches, I'm in love!! They look so cute!!! The idea of wearing a chunky wood watch is sooo chic to me (personal opinion....others may prefer other types of watches!)

My pick from Woodwatches is Fieldcrest series in Maple shade ~ Super love the "raw" wood color~

Simple watch face~
Simple is cute!!!

The back of the watch
Loving the smell of the watch also, woody~
Just have to remember not to leave it around my dogs reachable height/places, else it will become their chew toy!!!!!

On my wrist

On my wrist with come accessories~

You will be thinking that I will have a pic of me wearing the watch and put it next to my face? NOOOooOOOooOOO!!!!  Hahahahaa.... I enjoy taking selfie, but I find it weird to "pose" with a product! (#sonohavemyfaceinthispost)

Anyway, I don't have a model face to pose with products la ~  I just keep my face for posting it with my cute dog (my cute dogs are great at redirect attention of my chubby face to them.. no one will say a dog is UGLY right? hahaha)

Best Wooden Watch

 Personally find this JORD woodwatch is a nice accessories to have... 
it helps to make a simple outfit more chic~

They ship international~

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