Sunday, September 20, 2015

Guerlain Bloom of rose collection - Kiss Kiss Rose Lip Collection

If you ask me last year (early 2014) what's my favorite lip color, I will say.... coral or nude pink, because I don't really enjoy wearing lips color out (too hot, too humid plus I sneeze all the time and wearing lipstick just feel MESSY for me!) and I don't like wearing loud colors since I always wearing loud eye makeup! :P

But I have been enjoying wearing colors of my lips and the feeling of having something waxy or sticky doesn't bother me as much as compare to before!!  I like it NOW!!Hahahaha~

So checking out NEW lips collection is fun for me NOW!!! Look at these beauty~ Guerlain Bloom of rose - Kiss Kiss Rose Lip Collection.

Kiss Kiss Rose Lip Collection
Price : S$49
Available in 6 shades 
These are lip balm texture~ 

Look at all these pretty colors~
I like Crazy Bouquet, Chic Pink and Pink me up!!!

Had a little "makeover" done by Grego Oh(celebrity makeup artist)
luckily I didn't wear foundation that day... 
just a tiny bit of concealer under my eyes and loose powder)

I'm wearing Crazy Bouquet on me lips~

I have been crazy about bold lip colors lately, hot pink, pinkish plum... "draw heart in the air"
I find that it kinda brighten up my face when I wear light color eye shadows (like gold or neutral shade) .... and wearing a bold lip colors kinda make me feel good!!

If you are like me, enjoy wearing nude pink, beige or peach shades... try something darker and brighter, your mood and feeling will change!! The feeling was quite different when I wear loud color eyeshadows. Maybe I'm used to wearing colors on my eyes, so I don't feel any different... but wearing a bold lip color makes me feel different!!!! I like it~ hahahaa

Sometimes, we are too afraid of changes... 
but tiny changes makes a huge different!! 
Just one tiny step once a while at your own comfortable pace~ 
Soon... you will reach a place where you never thought you will be!!!  
(Totally random.. but I find it pretty useful when I'm too scare to try something NEW!!!)

From my gold eyeshadow to this greyish-blue tone~
From the Beaugrenelle palette
 Using the mixture of the darker greyish blue and the grey (which is a bit blueish)

 The new Guerlain Rose Aux Joules Blush Tender 
Price : S$75
Available in 6 shades

Swatches of Guerlain Rose Aux Joules Blush Tender

The New Guerlain Parure Gold radiance foundation with SPF 30

Swatches (OOPs.. I cannot remember the name~ I will edit in soon)

The New Guerlain Parure Gold powder foundation

Swatches done on miwitch arm

So here are some of their lovely skincare~
(Note... I didn't try the skincare on my face.. just the skin on both of my arms!! Not review hor~ lolx)
Guerlain makeup remover

Abeille Royale Daily Repair serum 
(This feels really nice when I try it on my arm~)

Abeille Royale gold eyetech serum

The application tip can be use to massage the under eye area~

Abeille Royale range

Abeille Royale Face treatment oil
Love the consistency of this treatment oil~ feel so nice!!!!

With Jones (miwitch) and Maybeline

Now... I can't wait to play with these new goodies and create a LOTD post (It's been awhile since I do LOTD/FOTD post) .... have been a bit buzy with the little human (my baby niece... she's growing up too fast, and I spend more time with her then on myself (if that makes sense! lolx)

Guerlain Bloom of Rose Collection is available at all Guerlain counters (including Sephora)

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