Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Get RedMart CashBack with ShopBack

Shopping online is becoming more and more easy and fun in Singapore - blogshop and offical website for fashion and beauty is quite a norm in Singapore for the great value and easy access. But I noticed in recently years (maybe I sua ku if it's already been out for ages), peoples start doing groceries shopping online to save time from queuing and avoiding crowds during peak hours(I hate the crowds so I usually avoid going to supermarkets in the evening or on weekends)... by now you all should know that this blog post is about online shopping and it's not just normal online shopping.. I'm going to share a great site that offers coupons and discount codes that we can use to shop in Singapore (Fun~)

ShopBack~ are the source for the best deals and discounts on fashion, travel, lifestyle and more! And they give you cashback on top of existing discounts and voucher codes which means extra savings when you shop online through ShopBack at any of their merchant stores!

CASH OUT EASILY - cashback can be transferred to most bank accounts or your PayPal account.

Learn more about ShopBack

More about ShopBack~

ShopBack has some really great deal from Rakuten, GroupOn, RedMart and the 9.9Online Sale

The main topic of this post was about RedMart - not sure you have heard about redmart... it's an online groceries site!

Singapore's reliable online supermarket with delivery 7 days a week, allowing you to order anytime, anywhere, with thousands of groceries and home essential products at your fingertips!

NOW ShopBack offer 9.0% Cashback when you shop at RedMart



They have beauty and health section.... Nice~

Their Makeup selection is quite minimum... but we don't go to RedMart to shop makeup right?? lolx

The ready to cook selection look quite fun~
The Thai Chicken Curry and Japchae look so yummylicious

Check out their pet care section~
I have to stock up weekly and this may be my life easy (order online and get it delivery to me~)

ShopBack Offers many great deals and offers .... It's a fun site to browse around and see how much you can save....   you'll get 5.0% cashback on Rakuten, promo codes on GroupOn and they also have this 9.9 sale!

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