Tuesday, September 01, 2015

BioNike Defence Elixage Satin Regenerating Cream for sensitive and intolerant skin

Choosing moisturizer start to feel a little different after my allegy issus, because my sensitive skin has become "MORE" sensitive, they get irritation very easily :(  And using a good skin calming moisturizer helps a lot by making my poor skin feel more relax.... while trying to balance out my skin condition. (A balance skin keep all the troubles away!!)

I remember that I received a jar of BioNike (which is known for sensitive skin) sometimes back (I think a couple years ago and luckily NOT expire!!! Heng ah~ lolx) BioNike Defence Elixage Satin - Regenerating cream for sensitive and intolerant skin. And I really glad that I've save this for "rainy days" (because, I may not enjoy it as much as I do NOW!!!)

ELIXAGE – Day/Night Treatments
BioNike Defence Elixage Satin Regenerating Cream
Price : SD$339

Subli - F.A.C.E.:
  • Lipoaminoacid:
    promotes intercellular communication, thus cell functionality

  • Trimethylglycine + Hyaluronic acid:   
    rapid and long-term hydration

Oh-my, this is so expensive! No wonder it feel so good and kinda helps in calming down my irritated skin and also kinda helps to build up my skin balance!

BioNike's Guarantees
  • Nickel tested: nickel in traces lower than 0.00001%*
  • Preservative free
  • Fragrance free
  • Gluten free
  • Strict selection of all components
  • Continuous research to develop highly agreeable
  • formulations and use the latest active ingredients
  • Products tested in vitro on a model replicating
  • features and reactions of human skin
  • Products tested clinically under medical control
  • Scientifi c research, innovation and high quality standards
  • Committed to social responsibility

This is what I've left in the jar after using this cream for more then a month!!

The consistency of the cream is pretty moist - feels like a thicker version of lotion but not as dense as a cream. Easy to spread all over the skin and doesn't feel thick nor too oily on the skin.

The cream is pretty soothing and it does have a bit of shine (I means does look a bit oily after application), and when it is fully absorbed, skin just look like skin texture... not matte nor shiny type.

Very moisturizing (keep my skin hydrated thru-out the night in air-con room) ... and after 2 weeks or so, I find that my skin doesn't feel as tight.
Skin feel soft and supple after awhile (I means the longer you use the better the skin feels)

And the weird thing was that I don't have much black/white heads on my nose also (I apply a thick layer of cream on my nose because my nose bridge sometimes feel itchy and can be quite pinkish from the irritation!) Yeah!!!!! lolx (I tried using other cream - thick layer and it works too... but not as good as this cream, maybe not moisturizing enough?? I donno, but I won't stop trying lor)

My skin doesn't feel itchy (mostly feeling itchy at night around my inner cheeks and around my brows area) and after using this cream for about 5 days... I see improvement on the sensitive level... skin doesn't look reddish nor feeling itchy so often.

I really really enjoy using this cream, but why does this have to be so expensive!!!!! Don't think I will bare to spend this kind of amount on moisturizer (maybe when I'm rich in future, I will buy! #有钱再说 ... hahhaha)

Ingredients list for the BioNike Defence Elixage Satin Regenerating Cream

BioNike will be available exclusively at the Guardian outlets

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