The Face Shop Skin Story with Acne Solution Foam cleansing and moisturized with Chia Seed

Recently received a kit from The Face Shop and OMGosh~ the "book" is too cute!! (so many "recycle" idea foaming in my head before I see the contents inside!) hahaha....

This kits is the answers to your skin's perfect match! With just 2 ranges of products from the brand... you can mix and match the products for your perfect skincare routine base on your skin type.

Every one of us is unique and we have our own unique skin type... be it combination, dry or oily, they will be one or more points that are different from the somebody. So we have to learn from trying and asking around ^_^

Like me, I have combination skin... which tends to feel tight and dry easily, but at the same time I also have oily issue around my nose/nose and I have sensitive skin! So finding the right products are very important for beautiful and comfortable skin.

See the cute "book" case

The kit I received consists of Chia Seed Sebum control Moisture cream, Chia seed moisture-holding seed cream and Acne control Foam cleansing.

 Acne control Foam cleansing
Price :S$20.90 (150ml) 

The main ingredients of the Stay acne free with clean face series are Tea tree and Barley

Chia Seed Moisture-holding Seed Cream
Price : S$32.90
I've tried this a couple years back and I remember how light and hydrating this cream feels (review)

This range may be a bit too light for my skin... 
but it feels like a great range to use in hot and humid weather

Chia Seed Sebum Control moisture cream
Price : S$36.90

So NOW The Face Shop have come out with Skin Story Kits for different skin type (if the kits doesn't suit your need... you can purchase each products separately ^_^)

Chia Seed Moisture holding kit for Dry to Normal Skin
Price : S$34.80

Chia Seed Sebum Control kit for Combination skin
Price : S$37.90

Clean face acne solution kit for oily skin
Price : S$38.90

How cute is this little red beetle?!?!

The Face Shop really have creative ideas... loving all their press kits!!!

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