Swatches of MAC Dazzleshadow in I Like 2 Watch

It's been a long long while since I do any MAC eyeshadow swatches... well, haven't be checking out much cosmetics lately (it's not easy wondering around where there is a cute playful toddler around. lolx) These days, I always head out with my sister and my cute baby niece (so all I see are toys toys toys and foods!)

Anyway... I was sooo out of touch with new collection from MAC and when I was shopping at Shilla duty freewith Ming and Kas... Kas shown me this beautiful dazzleshadow from MAC and I was like... I WANT!!!!! So pretty~  So I got the MAC Dazzleshadow in "I Like 2 Watch".

See how gorgeous this duochrome eyeshadow... shimmery and glittery to the MAX and doesn't feel too chunky at all!!!

At some angle you can see some green peeking thru from the bronze, copper... gold 
(I donno... it's a beautiful shade)

I still haven't got time to play with this on my "eyelids" yet... 
but I will sure do a LOTD with this (I can't wait~)

I got this at the Shilla duty free MAC Counter at S$34.40 + 10%
I think at the local store is retailing at S$36/S$38

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