Sunday, August 02, 2015

Review : Locycare Nail Gel for discoloured or damaged nails

My nails have been looking really ugly and dry after I remove my gelish... so dry that some just chipped and I have to cut it real stop and avoid applying any type of nail polishes on it for weeks. (My hands/fingers just look so sad ... lolx)

Then not too long ago, I received Locycare Nail Gel for discoloured or damaged nails and I can't wait to put it to test!!!! And I quite like the results after trying it for a few days and I never stop applying until now (which I'm ready to share my thoughts on this product).

This little tube of nail gel (15g) offer a quick and easy solution to recover healthy looking nails in just 2 weeks (and I see results after using it for about 3 days) by restoring the natural water content of damaged nails. The nail gel is essentially a moisturizer for one's nails and effortlessly penetrates the nail with a slight massage. In addition to practicing regular good nail care, applying Locycare will promote healthy nails regrowth and also prevent the occurrence of fungal nail infections and other unwanted diseases.

This little tube of nail gel retailed at $19.90 (15g)

  • Visible improvement of nails with yellow discoloration after weeks of application
  • Restores the natural water content of damaged nails and penetrates the nails to ensure optimal hydration
  • Promotes healthy nail regrowth

Ingredients list for Locycare Nail Gel

Look at my nails (this is like a week after removing gelish... I cut it short because they chipped!!!) and I put dots of the Locycare Nail Gel on each nail before I massage/spreading the gel all over my nails. 

After spreading out the gel... I can feel a bit of cooling sensation on the nails... pretty cool (but it does sting a little bit if you have wound around the cuticle. The gel feels a little oily and shiny on the nail (but once I rinse it under the running water.. it washes off easily without feeling greasy nor sticky).

I will leave it like that, just use wet wipes to wipe my fingers tips ... so that I can type of do whatever I'm doing and let the gel sit on my nails.

I don't have any sleeping gloves, so I never apply the gel before I go to bed (I have a habit of using my hand to cover my eyes when I sleep.. so I don't want gel all over my face.. kekeke).

Over here is a pic of my nails before I apply the gel on the 3rd days of the treatment. See, the dry and sad nail look so much healthier now!!! Still can see the dry lines.. but this is so much better as compare to the day where I just remove my gelish!

Note :: This nail gel does not work on painted nails.. as polishes will block the gel from the nails and it won't hydrate the nails. For treatment, please remove any products on the nails.

I do not have any discoloration nails for now(and hopefully NEVER in the future).. I can't say anything on that part... but I can say it really hydrate my nails.. much better then using hand cream and oil!

Locycare Nail Gel for discoloured or damaged nails
Price : S$19.90

Available at Selected Pharmacies

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