Review : La Colline Advanced Vital Cellular Vital Cream

Ever since a couple years ago... my combination skin has become more dry and problematic compare to my early twenty skin (I do still feel oily around the T-zone and have break-out here and there sometimes... it's just feel different). Slowly, I learn to love cream base moisturizer.... gel and light-weight moisturizer just cannot cut it.. my skin will feel tight and uncomfortable after about 2 hours.

So, using a good cream base moisturizer can makes skin feel really soothing, hydrating with very smooth and soft texture skin (skin texture may look the same.. but they look way radiant as compare to those lack of moisture skin lor!)

In today post, I will be sharing my love for La Colline Advanced Vital Cellular Vital Cream... love this little jar of goodness so much!

I don't think we have this size in Singapore's Sasa... but over at their official website, this little jar of goodness is retailing at 160Euro (So expensive.. I remember at around the same price we can get bigger size (30/50ml) in Singapore Sasa!!)

HDS (High Density Skin) System Restores the mechanisms of cellular renewal. Thanks to the powerful revitalizing action of soy proteins, it stimulates the neo-synthesis of all three key substances for firm, well-toned skin: collagen, elastin and GAGs (glycosaminoglycans, including hyaluronic acid).

CMAGE® Complex The new generation of La Colline Anti-Aging Complex composed of:
1/ A bioactive complex combined with a micro-alga to increase oxygenation and stimulate the mitochondria (the cells' "power generators") and boost protein synthesis.

2/ Hyaluronic acid with its high molecular weight bolsters and preserves cutaneous hydration.

3/ A complex of ceramides was selected for its special affinity with the skin, It melt into the natural lipid barrier of the epidermis to repair and strenghthen it.

Look at the creamy goodness - the cream look thick, but it doesn't feel too thick and easy to spread out all over the face. Though it does feel a little oily but doesn't look oily (kinda having a semi matte finishing).... I don't mind the minor oily feels at all, because this cream feels so nice and soothing on my skin.

My skin doesn't feel tight or dry until the next day.

This little jar last me about 3 weeks - my skin has become so soft and supple. My skin is quite sensitive and this cream doesn't cause any irritation nor pimples/acne.

Skin does look radiance and hydrated. 

Ingredients list of  La Colline Advanced Vital Cellular Vital Cream

Available exclusively at SASA Singapore

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