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One Beauty Spa 3-in-1 Ultimate Radiance Eye Treatment with Unique Fusion East-meets-West Techniques

Recently, I was invited down to One Beauty Spa to try out their Tribo-Effleurage (face massage) treatment. (Effleurage is a unique French name for Guasha (刮痧), an East Asia Traditional Chinese medicine technique, when it gained popularity in the 19th century Europe.)

Sound interesting but I have to ask, it is too intensive for sensitive skin, I once tried Guasha (刮痧) around my eye areas (at another facial salon) and it was pretty soothing and doesn't causes any irritation.. but you never know how "strong" and "intensive" Guasha (刮痧) can be.

So after explaining my skin condition, I end up doing Ultimate Radiance Eye (with Guasha (刮痧) too)... because the Tribo-Effleurage (face massage) treatment may be too simulating for my sensitive skin.

Facts :
With a unique fusion combination of East-meets-West techniques, the Ultimate Radiance Eye Treatment is a 3-in-1 that offers clients a superb combination for Lymphatic Eye massage, Eye Gua Sha and AD.r.f Eye Treatment. Using the best techniques available to improve blood circulation, reduce water retention and puffiness around the eyes, this treatment also helps to nourish and lift and skin around eye area. Great for dark eye ring, eye bags, puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines. Perk up your eyes and look instantly radiant in just 1 session!

A nice beauty spa ~ everything look neat and clean

All the awards they have won over the years!

Ultimate Radiance Eye came out as the winner for Singapore Women’s Weekly Spa Award 2015 for best de-puffing eye treatment.

Start off with a cup of warm soothing tea~
While telling the therapist my skin condition

This is my before treatment face/eyes~

Before they start... as usual, the therapist will cleanse my face well before the treatment~

Lymphatic Eye Massage
A great detox massage for the eye that helps to stimulate the lymph nodes around the eyes with gentle, rhythmic massaging strokes which helps to eliminate excess fluid and toxins and cell regeneration, thereby helps in healing and support of the immune system.

I find that massage pressure was just nice and not too "strong" on my sensitive skin. They did apply a very thick layer of serum (I believe.. feel very gelish on my skin though).

Eye Gua Sha
Using TCM Gau Sha Therapy, a healing technique used in traditional Chinese medicine, it involves stimulation where the skin is pressured, in strokes, by a round-edged instrument. This technique helps to remove blood stagnation or 'Qi' around the eye, regulate blood circulation and helps to soothe tired eyes, restoring brightness around the eye.

When they start using the Gua Sha tool, it feels pretty good, pressure was just right not too mild nor strong, but it's feels a little long (timing wise - for most people with normal skin condition ... not sensitive or get irritated easily, this was quite GOOD... cos the massage feel quite shiok~  but I know my skin, I can feel that it start to feel a bit too much for my skin to handle. So I was thinking maybe the masking after which will helps to release some of the "tension")

Here's the pic of doing the Gua Sha on one side
Can see the fine lines under my eyes look less deep and dry... 
the whole eye was kinda lifted upwards!

AD.r.f Eye Lift Therapy
AD.r.f treatment helps to increase tissue temperature to give deeper penetration of products and better simulation of collagen. Watch the area around the eyes transform immediately as they become brighter and younger-looking, highly effective with promising instant lifting. It has excellent effect for fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and eye bags.

This feel quite good... it's like a tiny cotton pad lightly going around my eye areas, no pain, no rubbing (which is good!) or dragging my skin.

Doesn't look like a cotton pad lor~

And we end the eye treatment with warm (hotter then warm) eye mask (Oh-no... I forgot to tell them I prefer cold masking!! But the warmness feel so soothing on my tired eyes that I forgot to mention~~~~)

So after the treatment, I can feel and see that my eye area look brighter and it doesn't have much irritation at this point.. I feel quite fine ~ The massage does helps to clear my mind from all the stress (nice~)

The dark circles was not as dark as compare to before... look much awake and fresh too! lolx
For those who enjoy facial massage, this would be a great session, I'm not a fan of any massage!! But I still think this is quite nice~

After a few hours... at night (the same day but about 5 hrs later), my under eye start to feel a bit itchy and I use my itchy finger to scratch it (I shouldn't do that!!!!) which cause more irritation and I have some tiny red bumps under my eyes. (sian la~)

The therapist was really nice because she called me the next day to ask if I have any irritation, since they know I have pretty sensitive skin (without me telling her in the first place... this is a great after service!!!)... so I told her about my condition (and in my mind, I know that the treatment was a bit too simulating for my very sensitive skin.) and told her that, I know the treatment was a bit too intensive for my skin to take... and it wasn't their fault! I took the risk myself, so I cannot blame anyone. 

She told me to do some cold masking and that will helps to calm my irritation. (I have been doing that and my skin has calm down a lot before I received her call!! Hahhaha..)   

YES...since I know my skin well, I already took all the cares that I have to do to calm my stupid sensitive skin!! I know, I know... sometimes, I'm stupid and do stuff that make my skin angry!! (Never try never know... right? lolx)

And after a few days ... the nice PR also emailed me asking how I feels and do I need a soothing eye treatment, if my irritation never gets better. I told him I don't need it... because everything was under control. I feel good and no need to worry about me :) 

This will be a very nice eye treatment (minus the irritation due to my super sensitive skin) to helps minimized the fine lines under the eyes, reduce dark circles and puffy eyes... because after my irritation clear off, my under eye areas was looking pretty good!! (^_^)

Fine lines wasn't that dry... and when I apply foundation, the under eye area look pretty moisturizing and smooth. With just one treatment, I can see obvious results and it lasted for about 2 weeks ..

But hor, you also have to take care of your skin... apply a good amount of moisturizing eye cream... sleep well and drink lots of water! If you never take care.. YOUR eyes will ages faster than your face lor. Tired eyes makes one look older also.

If you have super sensitive skin like mine... I will say avoid this treatment (but if you wanna risk it - it's all up to you! Don't come and blame me or the One beauty Spa). As for those who don't have issue with irritation, go for it! You will enjoy the treatment/massage and love how your skin look and feels around your eye after the treatment.

Of-course, we have to end the session with some chitchatting, looking around the spa and have a cup of warm soothing tea~

Ultimate Radiance Eye Treatment
Suitable for: Puffiness, tired eyes, dark eye circle/ring, fine lines and wrinkles
Programme duration: Once per week, 8-10 weeks
Maintenance: Monthly
Duration of session: 60 mins
Price: S$168

14 Liang Seah Street, Singapore 189035
(opp Bugis Junction, along the steamboat place with many restaurants)

Our operating hours:
Mon-Fri:            11am-9pm
Sat:                  10am-8pm
Sun:                 10am-7pm
(close on alternate Sundays and public holidays)

One beauty spa website ::
One Beauty spa facebook page ::

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