Saturday, July 25, 2015

Review : The Face Shop Character Mask Sheet

Masking can never be the same again when Korean brands decided to come out with "pattern" sheet mask!! They are creepily cute (lolx)...  I've never try one before until I received some Character Mask Sheets from The Face Shop.

So... lets see how well they fair as compare to the normal white (boring) sheet masks.

The press kit from The Face Shop is pretty fun~

The new beauty trends are emerging on social media and the latest one is the face-mask selfie! (They are all kind of "selfie" on the internet!! lolx) Celebrities and online influencers are posting photos of themselves indulging in the goodness of their facial sheet masks.

So this is the latest and by far the most interesting mask sheet line ever from THE FACE SHOP’sCharacter Mask Sheet" .... masking can never be bored anymore! lolx

The Character Mask Sheet is a hydrating mask that will delivers rich moisture to dry and flaky skin. Contains Hyaluronic acid and collagen. Formula without Mineral oil, Sulfate, Talc and Polyacrylamide.

5 different unique character mask sheets from The Face Shop
Fox, dragon, tiger, panda and sheep


Ingredients list


Ingredients list

(This is freaky~ hahaha)

Ingredients list


Ingredients list


Ingredients list

So I pick the "Sheep Character sheet mask" thinking this is the cuter and less scary as compare to others. Since my baby niece is in my room (she's 17th months) and I don't wanna scare her..... and boy I was OH-SO-WRONG!!! I scared the baby out of her, she jump away from me and cry!!! But at the same time still looking for me because she hears my voice!!! Hahahhahaa (I cannot stop laughing... I feel bad but she look so cute lor!!!)

Anyway back to the mask.... the thickness is like a normal mask... not like those Bio-Cellulose mask or those super thin type. The mask is fully soaked with skincare essence.

  • Mask is really refreshing and soothing
  • Doesn't feel any stinging or burning sensation
  • Doesn't irritate my skin
  • No bumps or funny pimple popping up the next day or the day after~
  • Very moisturizing
  • Can see skin look more fresh and supple after 15mins of masking
  • doesn't feel sticky also

Don't I look insanely funny... my mum say I look creepy (-_-"')

Price : S$3.90 (per sheet)
Available at The Face Shop

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