Saturday, July 18, 2015

Review : CLIV Ginseng Berry Premium Eye Cream

Eye cream is an important part of my skincare routine... because my upper eyelids may get irritated when it is not hydrated... NEED eye moisturizer to keep the skin from being itchy and dry.

So my eye cream ran out pretty fast plus I really enjoy trying different types of creamy eye creams as long as they are high in hydrating and soothing properties.

Anyway... I have been trying CLIV Ginseng Berry Premium Eye Cream for a few months (and stopping inbetween) and it's about time for me to share how I feels about this premium eye cream from CLIV.

I got 2 of the travel size CLIV Ginseng Berry Premium Eye Cream (this is not small!!!One jar has about 10ml of products and last me about 1.5 to 2 mths)

See it's "big" consider this is travel size eyecream
(where mostly this is about the size of a travel size moisturizer)

Here's how the eye cream texture

  • The consistency of the eye cream feel pretty moist and creamy, not too thick and it does feels a bit oily (but makes application more easy and less pulling of the skin while trying to massage the cream into the skin)
  • Has a very nice and soothing sweet scent
    (soft sweet berry scent and the ginseng wasn't too overpowering)
  • Once absorbed, skin doesn't feel oily... but does has a lotion type of finishing on the skin
  • The eye cream is pretty soothing and moisturizing
    (Because of the hydrating level, my fine lines under my eyes look less dry and more supple...)
  • Doesn't cause any irritation
  • The eye cream sit quite well on the skin but I do not see much effect on the dark circles (I think my dark circles are there and won't go away no matter how I try... ) I do see that the skin look pretty radiance (so this is good enough for me because dark circle look sad when skin is dry and dull!!!)
Overall - I quite enjoy using the eyecream ... as a very good moisturizing eye creams. If you have dry and tired skin around the eyes... do give this a try.

CLIV is available exclusively at SASA

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