Depend 3-step Nail Care Range

Remember sometimes back I did a blog post on Depend GelLack in-home salon quality gel nail system?? And this time round, I'm going to share with you how I feel about the Depend 3-step Nail Care.

Comes in really handly since our nail's bed will get coarse and dry after we peel off the gelish... plus MY cuticle always look so dry and flakey :( 

My nails and Cuticle are always an issue for me since a few years ago, blame it to aging ... everything on my body since to go down (except my weight!!!!).  My nails doesn't look as smooth and healthy as compare to when I'm in my twenties.

So the older we are the more we need supplement and nail's care (I focusing on "nails" and I know that everything on our body need to be taking care of.. not just nail nia hor) , they are really important for healthy looking hands and nails (supplement = healthy looking anything)
So..... don't be lazy (I told myself) and start taking care of my nails (once a week)

(Step 1) Depend Nail and Cuticle Cleanser (S$6.90)
Like our face, to achieve maximum benefits from any facial products, we must first get rid of dead skin through exfoliation. Depend Nail and Cuticle Cleanser acts as an exfoliator to your nails by removing dead skin cells which, at the same time, promotes better absorption of oxygen and nutrients. It not only increases cell renewal and regeneration it also aids in smoothing out nail surface which allows easy nail polish application. 

I apply a generous amount on my nail's root and cuticle
Leave it on for 4 mins (don't leave it on for more then 5 mins on the skin
Massage the product after 4 mins and then rinse it off with warm water (and then follow by step 2)

This step doesn't cause any irritation on my skin (as my skin can be rather sensitive)
The blue beads kinda lightly exfoliate the skin

(Step 2) Depend Myrrh Oil (S$7.90)
Myrrh Oil has a long history of medical use and wound-healing properties for thousands of years. Depend saw the potential of Myrrh Oil and enriched it with Vitamin E and Almond Oil. Depend Myrrh Oil provides intensive care to the nails – causing it to be more hydrated and less prone to breaking and peeling.

The Myrrh smell quite nice - not too strong, minty or anything ... a soft sweetness that was quite soothing!

Apply a thick layer all over the nail's bed and around the cuticle ... and massage and leave it on  (this can be use daily.. I do notice after one use, the finger, cuticle and nail bed doesn't look as dry.. but the nail bed will still feel a bit coarse.. after using the oil for 3 days... the nail bed start to feel smooth...)

And after massaging the oil - I will finish off with step 3

(Step 3) Depend Cuticle Cream (S$6.90)
Depend Cuticle Cream sets to end off the whole range with a soft and gentle touch. By applying it on your cuticle, you provide a direct pump of necessary nutrients to your nails and giving it a smooth and hydrating finish. Depend Cuticle Cream is especially important for dry, damaged cuticles and hastens cell regeneration to give you a finer set of talons.

Massage the cream into the nails and the cuticles.
The cream can be used daily as required and best to apply at night and wake up to soft and hydrated healthy looking nails (fingers)

Over all - I really enjoy using these 3 products ... they work and the price is pretty reasonable!!!

Depend 3-step Nail Care Range is available exclusively at selected Watsons
Price ::
Depend Nail and Cuticle Cleanser -  S$6.90
Depend Myrrh Oil - S$7.90
Depend Cuticle Cream - S$6.90 

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