Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Face Shop Ink Lipquid in Shah Pink, Orange Some and Red Sing (With swatches)

These few months, I've wear lip color more often as compare to before and I'm not hating it. I think wearing lipbalm 24/7 kinda "trained" my lips to adapt to the "waxy/oily" lipstick feeling! Hahahhaa...

The only down part was that I still sneeze and blow my nose often and it can get really messy with the more intense lip color!! Color will stick all over the tissue and around my chin! I usually just wipe off the color from my lips before I blow into the tissue to prevent leaving color marks all over my face! lolx

So stain or tint kinda save me from a lot of troubles....
Recently, The Face Shop launched a whole new level of Lip color formation.... Ink Lipquid - it's a lip stick, lip gloss and lip tint all in one!! They certainly doesn't feel like a lip stick to me because they feel like liquid on the lips.

Combining the rich colors of a lipstick, the long-lasting effects of a lip tint and the moisturization from a lip gloss. The new Ink Lipquid combines the wonders of all lip products, giving you a full lip palette. The name is derived from a combination of two words : Lip + Liquid.

The new Ink Lipquid is equipped with The Face Shop's very own makeup technology - "Moisture holding system". This makeup technology helps maintain moisture with its water-holding ingredient.

In addition, the "ink staying polymer" technology helps maintain fresh and clean make up through creating a light and transparent film layer that holds moisture and color.

Ink Lipquid consists of 12 gorgeous shades.

With the colors extracted from flower ingredients, the ink lipquid promises full concentrated color formation.
3 key points of Ink Liquid :
  • Last for 12 hrs with serum base moisture
    Maintains moisture on lips with 70% water base
  • Color stain maintained for 12 hrs
    Vivid colors that are long lasting on lips for up to 12hrs
  • A light touch with the pen's tips completes fully colored lips
    An ink pen tip like brush helps in application of color, presenting a clear lip shape.

Lets's check out the kit I received from The Face Shop
A pretty neat box that came with 3 shades of Ink lipquids

The shades I've got are Shah pink, Orange some and Red Sing

Here's the swatches (being smooth/blend out)

Lip's swatches.... let's start with my bare lips~ 
(My lips normally look pale when I didn't do anything.. but it will get more pinkish or redish when I'm under the sun or feeling really warm!) 

Here's the half lip's swatch of Shah Pink (PK03)

It feels like liquid on the lips, I don't feel like I'm wearing anything at all.... it's look like a pigmented tint, that goes on evenly on the lips.

Taste a bit sweet~

I also noticed that when my lips gets a bit more darker, the tint will look more darker too (so this may not look the same on your lips.. unless you have the same lip color as me). My lips always look quite pale in the morning or when I didn't do anything... but after eating or feeling really warm under our crazy hot and humid weather, my lips will turn to a deeper pinkish shade and this lip tint look like 1 or 2 shade darker. (I believe this happened to all lip tint right or lipstick... when your lips are more pigmented, the color will appear differently~)

Really really love how this sweet pink look on my lips!!!

 Orange Some (OR02)
This color make me look so wash-off on the camera (see my skin tone look kinda weird)
But I still like how orange kinda make me look chic~ hahahaha

Very pigmented and if you see this in real life... you can tell this is a lip tint... cos it has  this watery type effect (like when you apply a lip tint ... not lip gloss or lipstick type of finishing)

Red Sing (OD02)
This is intense... very red and surprisingly not messy to apply!
Not a fan of red lip color.. but I kinda like this shade on my lips!!!

Overall, I like how this feels on my lips... not drying, not thick nor sticky at all, very comfortable to wear and the colors look really good!!! 

The Face Shop Ink Lipquid is available from June 2015 onwards at all The Face Shop outlets
Price :S$17.90 each

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