Monday, June 15, 2015

Bridesmaid dresses at Zalora

I remember many years back, searching for "sister" or "bridesmaid" dresses was quite a challenge for me... I not average size, quite picky and I don't really like seeing myself in one-piece(that include swimsuit)... But it's still fun to wear something pretty (if the theme wasn't too crazy) to celebrate their love and enjoy the "party". lolx

With online shopping these days,  it kinda take away the running around many store searching for the perfect dress... I just sit in the comfort of my home while browsing thru online store to help me picture what kind of dress I want. (Right??)

Can you believe that Zalora has a "bridesmaid dresses" section!!!!

I like this... it's black and very flowy and I can see myself wearing this with a cardigan (I'm not showing my arms!!!!) And the PRICE!!!!!!!! Less then $40 (my that black sister dress I got for my sister wedding cost me $100+/-!!!!!)

This is so sweet la... and it got other colors too... I like the Lavender shade too!

I donno why.... most movies like making their bridemaid's characters wearing yellow dresses... don't you think so?

I still cannot believe that most of the dresses are on more then 50% off... less then $40/$50 per piece!!! Can just get it for dinner function!!

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