Monday, June 01, 2015

A fairy princess nail art by Dazzlette Nails

As much as I enjoy doing my own nails, I still like to see manicurist work their magic on my chubby fingers. It's like watching artist painting something awesome and the canvas was my nails!

So here's my first set of gelish done by the great manicurist's Koji from Dazzlette Nails - A set of fairy like princess nails art!

Oh and what great was that Dazzlette Nails is giving 20% off on nail art service for the month of June (2015) when you quote my name "Chantana" ^_^ <3

When I was there at the salon, I have no idea what I want... I mentioned that I want something light in colors (like pastel ...) and Koji suggest "spring"

She doing inlay (look like something trapped inside.. kinda like snow globe), I have classic gelish with simple designs before but having "inlay"... it's a first for me!! There's so much work for creating a inlay design... have to keep layering and filing to make it perfect!

I requested to keep my nails short (no extension)... because I like it short! lolx ...

Loving the ring finger design.... so princess~

The above pics were taken right after the session.. very fresh 
(too bad it's quite late at night... lighting not that strong)

So below are pics taken the very next day under bright day light

Check out my chubby thumbs!!! hahahhaa

Please excuse my dry cuticles~ 
I will start to keep them hydrated with oil and lotion from NOW onwards 
(if I'm not too lazy... lolx....sorry la #懒惰不是病 hor)

Can see the shell flakes trapped inside my nails??

Dazzlette Nails is located at Bras Basah Complex (just beside the National Library.. Bugis)... quite easy to find the place (use to visit Art's Friends and Popular at Bras Basah many many many years back...)

It's salon is nice and cozy with music playing in the background~ 
Check out their selection of polishes

Some cute nail arts created by Koji
I like the galaxy and the cute animals design~

Great deal by Dazzlette Nails!!!!!

Address : 
Blk 231 Bras Basah Complex #01-71 

Contact Koji at 9099 9928/63334221 for appointment

For the month of June 2015 quote my name "Chantana" to get 20% off nail art services.

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