Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A random FOTD with Brigitte Pure Cats Eye Shadow in LM-1

It's been a long long long long (∞) while since I randomly do a LOTD (or should I called it FOTD... since I don't do whole body shot... I'm a boring dresser la... I always wear simple and comfy clothing)... It's always fun to take a lot of "selfie" of the makeup that I just did and share the products I've used!

I missed doing super random make-up look's post.... and now finally I think my skin is feeling so much better after the allergy issue (I've been so sick from talking about it.. bet you all must be sick from hearing about it too... right??? O,O) and I think I can start abusing it with lovely makeup products (lolx.. not really la! I now very 宝贝 my skin hor)

Same old usual style of eye makeup - I think I draw my eyeliner differently now.. can't remember my old style anymore (aging!!!!!).. so here's is how the "brown" from the Brigitte Pure Cats Eye Shadow(in LM-1) look on my skin (eyelids)

Here's the Brigitte Pure Cats Eye Shadow in LM-1


Creamy and very frosty (does contains some shimmers.. but not too glittery)

I have used this eyeshadow's quad for a good number of times and I find that the light pastel green was way too light to show up looking green on my lids... after blending, it just look frosty!

Feels so bummed lor... I should have chose the pink or gold version... because (personal opinion~ ) I find that the frosty pink or purple from Japanese makeup are always so beautiful on my eyelids ~

The brown from this Pure Cats Eye Shadow in LM-1 wasn't too redish not powdery, a nice frosty mid tone brown... not too "strong" like matte brown color from Make Up For Ever (or western brands eyeshadow) ... 

Here's are the products I used on my moonface~

I love LB essential mineral foundation (review).. but I want it to be a bit more "dewy" so I mix it with Revlon Photoready Airbrush effect foundation (this is abit shimmery.. but I like.. so not a issue for me... if you do not like shimmer in foundation.. then you HAVE to avoid the Revlon photoready foundation)

Close up on the foundation (aiya... I applied) blush
(I should have taken a pic before I apply blush)

  • Clio Kill Black Brush eyeliner in black (I love the super intense glossy black!)
  • KOSE Esprique Liquid Eyebrow (after giving this a second chance.. or maybe cos my hair is back to black)... I don't find this too dark anymore!

  • Still loving Kate Cosmetics Brow's mascara
  • Catrice False Lashes (this is the non-waterproof version)
    Sometimes it smudges and most of the time it didn't... (I have mix feeling on this) but it does thicken the lashes.. (1/2 coats is enough too much will makes the lashes stick together.. and it's ain't pretty)
  • Lime Crime eyeshadow Helper... my fave eyeshadow primer!!!
    (I prefer the pot version cos it's much easiler to use.. cos the primer feel abit dry and hard to squeeze it out from the tube)

  • MAC Ripepeach blush 
  • Brigitte Pure Cats Eye Shadow in LM-1

  • Lancome teint miracle loose powder in shade 01

  • LAQA & Co Lip Lube in Stranger Danger
    (This has a minty feels on the lips and feels quite moisturizing on the lips.. not sticky at all)

Lolx... my night stand (which is my dresser) was not within my arm-length and it's hard for me to reach for my lipbalm in the middle of the night (lips gets pretty tight/dry while sleeping.. I need to "hydrate" me lips!!!) .... So I tie it around my bed frame~ kekekkekekekee....

I have fun blogging about my random FOTD... I hope I will remember to take more pics after before I head out~

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