Review : SK-II StemPower essence and cream

I know whenever someone mentioned SK-II .. .their first reaction was "expensive leh"... I know skincare can be a bit tricky, because not all expensive products are good. Some average price-tag (drugstore) skincare work so much better then some counter brands.

When I'm in my 20s, the SK-II treatment essence kinda cause irritation and broke me out badly! I stop using it for many years and in 2013, I decided to try the SK-II treatment essence (did I do a review on the treatment essence?? Hmmm... I need to check and if I didn't I will do one soon) again and it feels AMAZING!

I have been using SK-II Stempower cream for quite sometimes already and I think it's time for a review ^_^

You can read more about the Stempower essence over "here"

SK-II StemPower

The consistency feels like a gel cream.. but not gelish at all and not as thick and heavy like a cream

  • The cream was pretty moist
  • Easy to spread all over the face without tugging the skin
  • Fast absorption leaving skin feeling velvety smooth
  • Not sticky nor oily at all
  • Work good as day and night moisturizer
    (For day time... I just apply a very thin layer ... cos I will still put on sunblock/primer and ects that has moisturizing effect)
  • Doesn't cause any irritation (even when my skin is feeling weak and sensitive)
  • Doesn't really cause any breaking out from using (though I do have some pimples... but I didn't stop using and pimple goes away after awhile... so NOT the cause of breaking-out)
  • Very moisturizing and soothing on the skin
  • Work well with aloe vera (I like to apply aloe vera after cleansing before skincare)
  • The cream does make the overall skin complexion more even and brighten up my dull tired skin
Not too sure about wrinkles (I don't have much to begin with) fine lines and pores doesn't look deep and dry.

I don't think we can make fine lines and pores disappear... but we can try to minimize them and makes them look less obvious from a good distance... nobody will stand and look at you at 5/10cm distance... unless you are kissing or screaming at that person.. but I think when you are doing either of that.. you are on "fire" to notice anything! hahahahaa~

Ingredients list

SK-II StemPower Essence

A drip-drop application

A watery slimey consistency (but not sticky nor thick at all)

  • This essence feel really really good on the skin
  • Absorbed into the skin right after applying (I don't have to massage it at all!)
  • Skin feel powdery smooth (not sticky nor oily at all!)
  • Doesn't cause any breakout or irritation
    (but I skip using this when I have irritation skin - cos it will make my itchy skin more itchy.. I will go really simple with skincare when I have irritation skin)
Overall, I find that this essence helps to boost up the moisturizer effect.... and it works really well with the stempower cream (and other moisturizer too!)

When I start using the stempower cream last year (this is my 2nd jars), it will take about 2 weeks for my skin to start feeling really smooth and soft (refine skin texture) ... but when I couple it up with the stempower essence, my skin start to feels smooth and soft after a weeks.

I like using both cream and essence together... cause my skin look supple, smooth and soft.. .and it's does helps to lighten up my spots. (there are still there.. but not as dark as before~)

I really enjoy using both products.. I have combination skin (oily around the T-zone) and can be dry and patchy on the cheeks, forehead and chin areas. I'm in my mid-30s.. so my skin can be quite drying some days and it's good to use a good hydrating moisturizer everyday to prevent flakey skin.. Even when I have oily skin day... the cream and essence doesn't feel too rich to cause any breaking-out.

SK-II Stempower Essence
Price : SD$156 (30ml) SD$224 (50ml)
SK-II Stempower
Price : SD$149 (50g) S$219 (80g)

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