Nine West exclusive sale on Zalora

Nine West sale on Zalora!!! If you are a fan of Nine West's shoes/heals... Now a good reason to shop right? *wink wink*

I love window shopping and doing it "online" is super fun especially when there's no sale person walking behind me or trying to ask me what I was looking for (I'm the kind of person who don't like people serving me unless I ask for it.) But I do enjoy real shopping with friends or my sisters too~

Personally, I have never thought of getting any shoes from Nine West ... because I haven't been wearing heals often... I enjoy wearing sneakers or flip flop nowsday because they are simple and easy to wear.

This pair of Nicoh suede high boots is S$179 from S$365 (such a great discount!!)
I have never have any high boots before... I wonder how this will look on my legs (Will I look short in these? But I like suede boots~ )  

Oh my gosh~ Super neon and super cute la...
This would be a show-stopped!! It will made a simple Jeans and t-shirt outfit look so chic (don't you think so??)

Irisheyes slingback pointy heels 
$39 down from S$150

The Reyko buckled Slip-ons look comfortable... they came in a few colors!!
The deals are too good.. S$39 down from S$150!!!

Here's another pair in Silver, white and black.....

This pair of Brooche Slip-ons heels with eyelets was S$49 down from $165!!!! 
What a great discount!!!

I always enjoy "window" shopping at Zalora, always found something fun and pretty without living my bedroom (where's my desktop station at ^_^) and they always have really great deals!!!

I have been thinking about getting a new bag and maybe a pair of Jeans... I'm going to browse around Zalora and adding stuff to my wishlist before deciding what I wanna get! (that's the fun part of shopping online.. I can add many things without the pressure of "I have to buy something" lolx)

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