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Cetaphil NEW Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

When it comes to makeup remover, I don't really enjoy using cleansing milk or cleansing wipe as I find them quite harsh for my sensitive skin. Harsh as in the "wiping" part - not the products (ingredients) . I need to use a lot to totally cleanse off my full face makeup (especially cleansing off mascara and eyeliner).  I prefer cleansing oil (remove everything without too much friction of the cotton pad/cleansing cloth against my skin).  

BUT..... (there's always a but!! Because, I don't use ONE product for just ONE task... I like to try and find different ways of using a good products.) I enjoy using facial wipe(cleansing cloth) to refresh my face especially those that have high contents of moisturizing ingredients. Face feel refreshed, less oily and looking happy (I means not tired). Sometimes, my skin gets itchy from dust or whatever I'm touching and then got transfer to my face.. I use a wipe to helps to wipe off whatever that was causing the irritation.

I believe most peoples knows about Cetaphil.. .a brands that was meant for sensitive skin. And Now they released their own version of Cleansing Wipes -  Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

The Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths is an extension of the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. Pre-moistened cleansing cloths that removes dirt and makeup without irritation.

Specially formulated for sensitive skin, fuss-free and convenient pack contains 25 cloths that leave the skin feeling clean, supple and healthy after every use.

Features :
  • Thoroughly removes dirt and make-up without irritation
  • Ultra soft and gentle for even the most sensitive skins
  • Suitable for use on the face including the eye area and all parts of body
  • Contains soothing ingredients that cleanse and moisturizes with no disturbance of natural oils or pH
  • Non-comedogenic and fragrance free
  • Non-irritating, well tolerated and residue free
  • Dermatologist developed and tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comes with a unique resealable lid that will locks in moisture and prevents the cloths from drying out.

Unique resealable lid that will locks in moisture and prevents the cloths from drying out

Ingredients list

I've tried one of their face/body cleanser before.. not sure whether I got a bad sample or what.. it kinda irritate my skin (making my face itchy itchy~) ... Since this wipe was the extension of the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, I going to do a patch test on my neck for a few days.. if nothing happened (which means the sample I got was a bad one!).. I will used it on my face and then try to see if this can remove light foundation (I still prefer to use a cleansing oil for eye makeup)

***Edited on 20/4/2015***
  • After a testing this products on the back of my neck and arms (I feel nothing and pretty ok for 3 days) so.... I used it on my face! 

  • Pretty refreshing to use as a wet wipe on the skin for that refreshing feels. 
  • The cloth was not as moist (I prefer very moist wipe)
  • Doesn't cause any irritation or break-me up in any way
  • As for a makeup remover wipe - I find that it's a bit weak on removing thicker/waterproof makeup.
  • Does a good job on removing a light bb cream (or a very sheer layer of foundation)
  • The grid prints on the wipe create a tiny friction to wipe off dirt, but can be a little harsh on sensitive skin (you know when you wipe your skin too much.. it will cause a bit of a tingling sensation.. ). 
Over-all, a good refreshing and mild makeup wipe for sensitive skin (just don't rub it too hard on the skin... friction is never a good "motion" for sensitive skin.

Cetaphil NEW Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths
Price : S$13.90
Available at Watsons, leading pharmacy and selected departmental stores

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