Clio 2nd generation Kill Black, Kill Brown eyeliners

I cannot imagine that I have told my friends that I can skip eyeliner back when I'm in my early 20s. Now I look like I have no eyes when I didn't draw eyeliners!!!!!  I guess back then... I have thicker lashes and with a few coats of mascara on I will have a natural eyeliner "line" (lolx)

Now... eyeliner are one of my must have makeup item (beside foundation and mascara). So which come to what I'm going to share. Clio had reformulated their popular Kill Black Eyeliners .. this time round with higher concentration of carbon (from 6.8g to 7g), new ink tank container that offers better control and hygienic storage with a longer lasting waterproof formula.

Clio Kill Black and Brown Waterproof brush liners
Price : S$25.90
(Shown here is the promotion pack that came with a travel size makeup away cleansing oil)

Clio Kill Black Brush Liner

Clio Kill Brown Brush liner

The brush of the Clio Kill Black/Brown brush liner are pretty soft and sharp (I means the tip of the brush)....

I prefer thicker eye liner... I just draw out the shape and fill it in... intense in color (for brown and black) with glossy finishing (if you prefer matte finishing..  just use a finishing powder and lightly dap over the line  OR just get their pencil liner)

Clio Kill Black and Brown Waterproof Pen liners
Price : S$22.90

Clio Kill Black Pen liner


Clio Kill Brown Pen liner

The pen liner feel a little rough on the lid(skin)... but give a intense and thicker line. The ink was way more intense as compare to the brush liner was a bit wet (have to let it set for a few more second before opening the eye to prevent ink transferring over to your eye-lid) . The brown liner also quite intense.

I still prefer the soft brush tip from the brush liner though.

Clio Kill Brown Pencil liner
Price : S$17.90

The Clio Kill Brown pencil liner was a little bit dry... and the brown is a soft brown which you can blend it out to give a soft finishing. (I still prefer gel or ink liners over pencil.. but for water/tight lines.. this is pretty nice to use as it stay longer as compare to those creamier pencil liner)

Both the Brush and Pen liner are waterproof and smudge-proof ... I didn't have any smudges or look like a panda after a day out (I have been testing out these liners for about 2 months now .. and I like the glossy finishing and the intensity.

They are easy to remove to (with cleansing oil) ... I've tried using bioderma and the liners came off easily.

Not a fan of the pencil liner.. because it was a little bit dry and not intense enough for my liking (I love dark intense eyeliner look) but I do enjoy using the pencil liner on my tight line (does smudges a bit but not very obvious kind.
I have to blame my eye shape and the heavy lids. as long as I have some eyeshadow on my lower lash line... I won't see any "smudging".

Here's using the Kill Brown Brush liner

Peapea and Buibui photobombing~ (lolx)

With a pink lips color... I look more awake and less pale with a bit lip colors~ 
(only applied lipbalm on the above pic)

Clio is available exclusively at Watsons Singapore

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