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Ever since my skin allergy issue back in July/Aug (which I'm still in the process of recovering)... my lips have becoming extra dry, irritated easily and have soreness, itchness on my philtrum too (Which I think is some kind of eczema, because it's sore, dry (flakey) redness, itchy and painful almost everyday! "sigh")

I have to apply lip balm (which had high contents of hydrating ingredients plus the waxy balm to helps keep my skin from drying and feeling tight!) on my lips and all over the skin between my lips and nose. It looks glossy and oily BUT the skin feel great.

So I'm quite excited to try out bSoul Hydra-lip Lip Cream... Since it's a hydrating lip cream because bSoul is a certified natural, eco-friendly skincare from Tuscany, Italy and 100% skin friendly.

Review bSoul Hydra-lip Lip Cream
Price : S$52
Hydra-lip is a cream rich in natural functional ingredients. It improves moisturizing from the first application and enhances the volume and the definition of the lips.

100% eco-friendly
100% skin-friendly

bSoul is Entirely biocompatible and do NOT contains:
  • Mineral Oil
  • Petroleum products (Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, ecc.)
  • Dimethicone e Silicones generally
  • Polyisobutene hydrogenated ( Isoparaffin)
  • Petrolatum
  • Paraffinum
  • Alkyl
  • Acryl
  • PEG Substances of animal origin
  • SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) 
  • Parabens

Read more about bSoul at their website ::

  • The consistency of the lip cream is creamy but light doesn't feel waxy or oily at all
  • Hydrating
  • Not sticky
  • Doesn't has the waxy lip balm type of feeling nor texture
  • Fast absorption
  • Doesn't have a glossy finishing
When I first apply the cream on the lips (and I do apply on my skin above the lips/philtrum) it feels like you have apply a cream moisturizer all over your lips(same type of feeling). And lips soften up quite fast... I do enjoy the moisturizing factor.. but it doesn't ease the itchiness on my philtrum (waxy lipbalm does helps to ease the soreness and itchyness of the skin above the lips.).

I thought since this contains avocado it should ease the dryness of the skin... but it does work quite well on the lips (I guess, since it is different part of skins... so the formulation might be a little bit different as compare to skin care. I have to remember that this is NOT a miracle product! lolx)

Sad to say... for my conditions (I know I have very troublesome skin conditions.. I got allergy, sensitive and eczema skin conditions) this lip cream doesn't work quite well as an overnight lip product for me, because I need something more heavy, oily or waxy to prevent lost of moisture at night.

So, at night before bed.... I apply the bSoul Hydra-lip Lip Cream on clean (freshly cleanse) lips and once it's absorbed, I apply a thick layer of thick waxy lip balm to seal it off. Works great and perfectly for my conditions.

To sum it up - 
If you do not have my type of troublesome skin issue, this is a really great hydrating lip cream... I find that it soften and smoothen the lips. Making your lips look younger and healthier.


bSoul Hydra-lip Lip Cream is available at meditrina at S$52 (15ml)

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