Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco and Strictly Curls

Recently, received some newly launched hair products from Marc Anthony ~ I feels so blessed that I got to try many products (some I never ever thought I will ever try and end up falling in love with it!)

Lately, ever since I stop dying my hair for more then a year now (cos of some skin issue) and my "virgin" is really flat and BLACK... totally ZERO volume! And boy~ I was excited when I saw Volumizing cream!!!

Here's the 4 new products from Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan oil Volumizing Cream (3X volume!!!)

This cream will create full body, voluminous styles that last all day - contains exotic argan oil, shea butter, vitamin E and Keratin that will helps to transform thin, flat hair into thicker, fuller and frizz-free!!! Woof sound good right??

I will give this a try and then do a more details review on this baby~


Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan oil Volume/Shine Hairspry


Marc Anthony oil of Morocco Argan oil perfect blow dry smoothing cream
Keep hair smooth for 3 days!


Marc Anthony Strictly Curls
Curl envy 24-hour moisture treatment


All these products sound really nice and interesting!!
I'm not a big fan on applying products on my hair - if you have been checking out my blog for years, you will know that my scalp get irritated easily and they tend to be quite oily. I like dry shampoo cos they makes my hair look clean and alive rather then sleek flat (which look oily most of the time).

But I'm willing to give these a try cos it's mostly products for healthy hair and it give volume!!! I hope these will work on my hair type!! (keeping my fingers crossed!!)

Marc Anthony is available exclusively at Watsons

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