Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-aging treatment boosting cleanser

Prevage is one of the most talk about anti-aging brand - the products contains some really good active ingredients... especially "Idebenone" (a powerful ingredient to provides skin with maximum protection from the environmental assaults.).

For me clean skin is very important, we need to cleanse off all the impurites so that skincare we apply on will works it magic on our skin. And also prevent skin irritation.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-aging treatment boosting cleanser
Price : S$69

A multi-action moisture-rich cleanser quickly dissolves impurites, makeup and surface pollition as it refines skin's appearance with gentle bamboo microbeads and enzymatic exfoliators. Clears the way for maximum treatment benefts, leaving skin feeling cleansed comfortable and healthy looking. Specially formulated to optimize the benefits of Prevage Anti-aging Serum.

Gentle enough for sensitive skin.  
(From all the Prevage products that I've tried for the past few years... I agree that Prevage anti-aging products are very skin-friendly ... strong active, good ingredients that doesn't feels too harsh on sensitive skin.)

Bamboo microbeads and enzymatic exfoliators - doesn't feel too harsh on the skin~

Ingredients list

After trying out the cleanser for about a month... I decided it's time for me to share my thoughts on this skin-friendly yet powerful anti-aging cleanser.

  • the cleanser was pretty light
  • lather up well.. the foam was pretty light and not too foamy and thick
  • doesn't cause any skin irritation (but on sore/broken skin, it does sting a bit)
  • doesn't cause any break-out
  • cleanse quite well.. leaving a silky film on the skin after rinsing off the cleanser
  • the bamboo microbeads doesn't feel harsh on the skin
    (It doesn't feel like you are using a scrub... the microbeads kinda melts off after massaging on the skin)
  • skin feel soft and soft (not like polished type of smoothness)
  • doesn't feel drying on my sensitive (recovering allergy skin) combination skin

Overall, the cleanser feel really nice on the skin, feels clean without having the squeaky clean type of feeling. Skin doesn't feel tight after towel dry.

A strong powerful ingredients cleanser that doesn't feels too harsh on sensitive skin.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-aging treatment boosting cleanser 
Price : S$69
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