Cosmopolitan Fun Fabulous! Fearless Weekend with SK-II and Popular Youtubers

Cosmopolitan is holding its Fun Fabulous! Fearless Weekend with SKII on 18th of January.

Popular YouTube stars Jenn Im (ClothesEncounter), Rae (The RAEViewer), Nayoung (Oiseau88) and Suzi (StyleSuzi) will be in town this weekend to talk about beauty and fashion at the workshop.       

If you want to learn some insider fashion and beauty tips from Popular YouTube’s stars, RAEView, Oiseau88, StyleSuzi and ClothesEncounter, sign up for the Cosmo Fun Fearless Fabulous Weekend with SK-II Singapore today!

  • All guests will receive a gift set from SK-II worth $160
    (slots are limited so hurry and sign up now!)
  • Find out more details on how to join at today!

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