Relaxing scalp spa with 100% pure essential oil at Queen Kelly Salon

Last Saturday popped by Queen Kelly Salon for a scalp treatment~ (Actually planned to have the digital perm... but due to some miscommunication, I end up having a scalp treatment...) 

Queen Kelly is location at 42 Holland Drive (near Buona Vista MRT).... IIt's located around a nice HDB neighbourhood area.... (Their food's market have some really yummy foods!)

About Queen Kelly
With over 20 years of experience in the hair industry, Kelly opened up her first Queen Kelly salon at Fajar Shopping Centre. The success of this endeavor lead to opening another branch in Holland Village, eventually offering not only hair services but also spa facilities. From haircuts to treatments, Kelly takes pride in offering the best services and products to her customers and this is evident in the following she has in both branches. Both salons have a dedicated room for scalp analysis so customers are assured that they get the right treatment. Together with our Secret Professionel range of treatments, the salon uses a state-of-the-art nano machine that helps to penetrate the scalp and give superior results. The hair spa treatments are performed inside a beautiful Balinese-inspired room- complete with dim lights and waterfalls to give you the ultimate experience! Her mission is to give confidence to customers who visit her salons

Scalp analysis room

Scalp scan (before)

Treatment room

 Galvanic ION

Massage and applying essential oil~

Using this Galvanic ION for better absorption of the essential oil and after this... applying a cooling clay mask on my scalp~

They are using Skin Talk essential oil
For my sensitive scalp they recommended the "Water" massage oil
(Personally I have never head about Skin talk before... have you all??)

Skin Talk hair mask
They are using "Smooth and detoxify hair mud" on my scalp
Very cooling and refreshing (during application)

After cleansing off and blow-dry my hair.. they spray some Skin Talk Rose infused water on my hair

During blow-drying...

Sorry... I didn't talk any before/after pics... cos it doesn't look much different (my hair look the same... lolx)

here's the scalp scan after the treatment
Doesn't look much different... but scalp is less reddish~

I'm not really a fan of having scalp treatment at salon because....

  • I don't use hair styling products on my hair (I try not to)
    So my scalp wasn't clogged with products~
  • I always pick shampoo that have some kind of treatment in it... like cooling/soothing/balancing.. I have sensitive scalps that irritate very often.. so I have to switch shampoo often (I don't use alot of conditioner also... ) and pick products very carefully.
  • I do my own scalp treatment (using the essential oil from a few good brands)
  • And also One time treatment doesn't tell much (unless I go for scalp treatment every 1 to 2 weeks) 
    I do visit salon for treatment once in a blue blue moon (and most of the time it was sponsored...  I just wanna try the brand they are promoting/using in the salon before spending money on the products!)
  • And most of the time... I don't feel much different after treatment..
    Only a few are impressive(lolx)

Anyway.. below was a shot I took after a few hours... scalp still feel light but my hair start to grease up~ (it's a clarifying scalp treatment for sensitive scalp.. NOT balancing or oil control treatment!!) 

Personally, I find that this is not my thing
Scalp treatment with massage.... I hate massage(I know... I'm weird!!! lolx). It's hard for me to like a scalp treatment, unless it doesn't make me feel weird and uncomfortable! ("Massage" gave me shivers!!) 

But for those who loves and enjoy massage and doing scalp treatments...  I'll say go give this a try... the head massage took about 30mins - not those short short few mins type of massage hor... (I know for ppls who enjoy massage.. timing and pressure are important!)

A little something for me to bring home and try (Secret Professionnel by Phyto)

My treatment was the Relaxing scalp spa with 100% pure essential oil worth S$216.... 
For first trial S$79.90 

For a package of 10 treatments S$108 X 10 = S$1080 

(With complimentary of products worth S$76)

From December 10 until January 9, 2015.
All you need to do is quote my name ("Chantana" - or show them this blog post) for 50% OFF ALL Hair Treatments! And also get 30% off on your 2nd round from 10 Jan to 9 Feb 2015

Queen Kelly Salon branches :

Queen Kelly Hair Salon
Fajar Shopping Centre #02-542, 445 Fajar Road 670445
Tel 6769 4808

Queen Kelly Holland
HDB Holland #01-81, 42 Holland Drive 270042
Tel 6773 1801

The treatment was provided by Queen Kelly Salon
I'm not affiliated with the company
Information provided by Queen Kelly

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