The FaceShop 2014 Holiday Edition

Sharing happiness & love with family and friends this Holiday with The Face Shop Holiday Love Edition Gift Sets.

I know we share happiness and love all year round... BUT it just feel a little different, extra special and loving during festive season (Christmas!!) don't you think so? Good foods, musics, random holiday movies, the gathering and exchanging gifts. We don't have a cold Christmas BUT we can have fun in our cool air-con home/cafe/shopping malls, right?? (lolx)

This year (2014) The FaceShop launches a series of Holiday Edition gift sets that are totally worth your $$$$

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The SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Christmas Set
Reverse the effects of time with THEFACESHOP’s Miracle of Youth - SMIM Fermented Concentrate Total Treatment. Formulated with 85% of fermented yeast extracts, this miraculous goodness revives the metabolic activities of skin cells to restore the healthy and youthful glow in you. Achieve that radiant glow this Christmas with the SMIM Fermentation Christmas Set.
  • The SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Total Treatment 150ml
  • The SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Toner 50ml
  • THE SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Emulsion 50ml
  • Price: $69.90

With just the price of the 150ml of The SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Total Treatment - the set include another 2 mini size bottle (50ml each)- Totally worth it!!

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