Surratt Beauty Available at Takashimaya

I always have a lot of fun when I got new makeup stuff to play with.... I like to look at them (New makeup just look extra pretty and shiny~ lolx).... This is one of the colors makeup I play with when I start applying makeup on my face after avoiding it for about 3 months.

Feel so good to be apply to play with makeup again... and my hand shaked a bit when I'm trying to line my eye with liquid eyeliner!!!! OMYGOSH... just 3 short months and I feel so out!

Anyway, just a little sneak preview to let you all know that Surratt Beauty is FINALLY in Singapore at Orchard Takashimaya (Level 3)! The newly renovated level 3 is like a little heaven.... very bright(good lighting), spacious and neat display ~ Just pop by and check it out!

The Surratt beauty packaging itself is really neat and sleek ~ and I have some fun taking pictures.... I will be doing another post (LOTD) soon~

Not a good shot to show the eyeshadows and blush... cos I took this pic using my front iphone6 len (alittle bit blurry~)

This is just me using the blush~ I really enjoy the softness of the blush color .. and the lasting factor!

Surratt Beauty is available at Takashimaya Singapore (Level 3)

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