Review on Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV waterlight lotion with SPF 50+ PA+++

Sunblock ... one of my favourite skincare products! Not ONE day... I will go by without applying some sun protection (unless I'm hiding inside my room with curtains drawn). I like how sunblock feels and look on my skin and how it helps to make my foundation last a little longer. I know there foundation primer, but sunblock do so much more the primer (right???).

Anyway... I also love doing sunblock/sunscreen review -  So this post is gonna be about Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV waterlight lotion with SPF 50+ PA+++

A superior ultra-lightweight lotion protects against UV and environmental aggressors for healthy, beautiful, radiant skin. With breakthrough Helioplex™ that works like an invisible shield for skin by effectively blocking out harmful UVA and UVB rays and helping to limit and neutralise free radical damage. Its unique formula is non-oily, non-sticky and can be spread smoothly to a clean and shine-free finish giving skin a fresh, ultra-light feel.

Overview of the box packaging
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Ingredients list

Few years ago, when this just launched, I have to get it because the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV waterlight lotion was on the list recommended by Robin Niu for combination/oily skin. It has wonderful ingredients that will prevent oxidation (although products (foundation) hardly oxidise on me.. I still like the idea!)

At that time, my skin was a little dehydrated (dry patches around my cheeks)... and I didn't like how this waterlight lotion feels.. it's a little drying and maybe also because I was having some bias feeling towards other sunblock that I have (stop using it and eventually pass it to my friend~ lolx) 

So when I received this product from the brand, I decided to give this another try!
My skin is much different as compare to before... still consider combination... but not as oily or dry as compare to my poor skin condition back then.

Surprisingly I enjoy using this now... Have been using this products and rotating with other sunblock/sunscreen for the past few months (almost a year now)!! The UV lotion doesn't feel dry on my skin.. it's feels nice and quite moisturizing!!! (Maybe back then I do have really bad dehydrated skin!)

The UV lotion feels quite nice on my skin, light (watery) not too oily nor sticky, does has a dewy finishing which doesn't effect the finishing of any liquid foundation.

Doesn't cause any skin irritation for sensitive skin
If you are having allergies reaction - avoid using any chemical sun protection .. because it may cause some irritation (I guess it also have to depend on each person conditions.)

Doesn't cause any break-out (no pimples or oil spots issue)

Overall, I just simple enjoy using this product... I like how it feels on my skin  - most sunblock have the same sunscreen/blocking power... so it just come down to how this makes me feel.  Doesn't made my foundation look ugly (you know like making my face look oily or melts off my liquid foundation faster). Decent price for a decent product!

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV waterlight lotion with SPF 50+ PA+++
Price : S$20.90
Available at all stores that carries Neutrogena products (Sure can find this at Watsons)

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