Knackered Cow and Grumpy Cow from CowShed

They's a whole lot of moody cows from CowShed ~ I means haircare products and not the actual "cow" (from Grumpy, Horny, Knackered, Lazy, Moody to wild).

When comes to hair care products - I always tried to minimize putting "products" on my hair. I have sensitive scalp with very moisturizing hair (especially the part near my root/scalp) and dry ends. Hence results in having really flat and greasy hair very easily!! So I always use balancing/volumizing/oil-control type of shampoo.

And I'm always open and love to try out different brands volumising and oil-control shampoo. A good balance of oil control or volumising shampoo helps to make my hair look less greasy, flat and more alive on my 2nd hair day.

About Cowshed
A cow shed might be an unlikely place to discover a range of award-winning bath, body and skincare products but that's exactly where their's were born. Since they opened their first spa in the old cow shed at Babington House, Somerset in 1998, theye've expanded to locations all over the world, but their products have always stayed true to their British Heritage.

And while the names might be playful, Cowshed take their's formulations very seriously; there are thoughtful scents to enhance your mood, truly indulgent textures and body products that really make a difference.

Cowshed still believe that there are few things in life better than an English country garden and continue to be inspired by mother nature. The scents, colours, botanical ingredients and herbal remedies remain the basis for our ever-expanding range of honest and natural products, made in England using the very best organic, wildcrafted and fairly-traded plant extracts and essential oils.

Grumpy Cow Volumising Shampoo
 Price : SD$42

Volumising shampoo contains strengthening Soya Protein for fuller, healthier-looking hair, Vitamins and Essential Oils to fortify and thicken limp hair, Organic Pomegranate creates full volume and shine. Also contains nourishing Oat Extracts and Horsetail, renowned to support hair regeneration.

The scent alone is so nice - refreshing and cheerful scent of  pomegranate~ The shampoo even-though was an organic shampoo it lather up and spread easily all over the hair and scalp! Thick foam that feel nice on the scalp. Cleanse very well and leaving a squeaky clean feel. Really enjoy the clean and refreshing feel.

On dry hair, I do feel the thicken of my hair around my scalp - giving me some extra volume. My hair doesn't look too oily on the next day (around late afternoon time). Consider good on oil-control part (I've tried better oil control shampoo.. but it doesn't give me the thickness and shiny hair that I like~).

After-all this is a volumizing shampoo and NOT a oil-control shampoo.. so I shouldn't be asking much from this "Grumpy Cow" right? (I can always spray some dry shampoo to take away the greasey feel if I'm out till late with my 2nd day hair right? lolx)

With the fine ingredients of Vitamin B5 and Soya Protein, my hair does feel and look nicer (not too drying on my hair end)

Knackered Cow Smoothing Conditioner
Price :SD$42
This creamy Conditioner will detangle you hair with ease. A blend of natural actives such as Aloe Vera, Mallow, Cotton extract and Organic Seaweed have been specially selected to smooth and tame frizz-prone hair, and a wonderful combination of eight Essential Oils, including Lavender, Eucalyptus and Jasmine, will leave your hair delicately  fragranced.

This conditioner will help leave you hair ultra sleek and smooth – ideal for the ultimate “hair swish”.

The consistency of this conditioner is thick and really creamy~ easy to spread (and I do not need to use a lot) on my hair tips (I only used conditioner on the bottom half of my hair - I don't want it to weight down my hair)

The scent was sweet - smell like Shea Butter! The conditioner made wet hair feels like wet silk (very velvety kind) And it doesn't make hair feel heavy!! (Me likey).

On dry hair - my hair feel soft, smooth and light~ On first use can really feel the different on my hair tips... my dry end feels smooth and hydrated... doesn't feel like hay at all!

The combination of the Grumpy Cow and Knackered Cow works nicely hair. The conditioner makes my somewhat messy hair look soft and neat (Not like flat-iron type of neatness....)

Both Shampoo and Conditioner doesn't cause any irritation on my scalps.

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