Christmas Shopping at Watsons

I cannot believe that Christmas is just another month away!! I should dig out all my Christmas albums and Jingle away~ (love Christmas's songs).... So have y'all start Christmas shopping yet?? I'm still making the list of stuff I wanna pick up!! Stuff I WANT not for gifting! lolx

This year Watsons launched some unique gifts~

Spongebob Squarepants Collection ranging from comfy neck pillow to bedroom slippers~ 
And not forgetting the movie is coming out soon!!

Aromatic scents to get you into the festive spirit and double up on the Christmas treats with praline-infused chocolates perfect to satisfy guests’ sweet tooth

Bath and body skincare sets from Baylis & Harding and Grace Cole

Plushie from Miine

Housebrand Naturals products

Chocalate sets

There's gift for all ages at Watsons!

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