My skin consultation and customised Dr. Belter skincare treatment experience at Annabelle Skin

I was invited down by the good peoples from The Good Folks, on behalf of Dr. Belter Cosmetic... to a one-to-one session for a skin consultation and customised Dr. Belter skincare treatment experience at Annabelle Skin. I was in need of a skin consultation because (as most of you have known that I have some skin issues - recovering.. but still a bit sensitive)

So I was happy to head down to Annabelle Skin at The Adelphi (1 Coleman Street #02-42) to experience and learn more about Dr.Belter Cosmetic.

Internationally-acclaimed natural and organic skincare brand Dr.Belter Cosmetic has arrives in Singapore - The award-winning German brand embraces a philosophy perfection for the skin.

More about Dr.Belter Cosmetic
From the country most recognised as a leader in innovation comes Dr. Belter Cosmetic, a German skincare brand that effortlessly fuses raw and organic ingredients with the best of skincare technology to create elixirs of perfection for every skin type.

The Beginning: A Brand Borne of a Husband’s Love

Dr. Belter Cosmetic was founded by Dr. Clemens Belter and his wife Gertraud Belter in 1979. As the owner of a school for beauty therapists, Gertraud was dissatisfied with the poor quality of beauty products used in her curriculum. Seeing this, Dr. Belter – a biochemist by trade – stepped in to develop a line of products with an emphasis on efficacy and using only the highest quality of ingredients. The products were extremely well-received and lauded for its ability to provide effective skin solutions. That very year, Dr. Belter Cosmetic was born.

Today, the family-run brand is among the top ten beauty brands in Germany with a cult following and multiple awards under its belt. In 2011, Dr. Clemens Belter was also honoured with the Prix d'honneur de la beauté for his significant contribution to the development of products and services in the professional cosmetic field.

Brand Philosophy: The Trinity of Skincare Perfection – Raw + Natural + Technology

Dr. Belter Cosmetic employs the GreenTec concept: combining natural and medicinal plants, partly from organic origin, with high-tech pro-medical active ingredients. All products are made of 95-100% natural ingredients and are free of parabens as well as mineral and silicone oils. The formulas in Dr. Belter Cosmetic’s products uses many of the latest patented ingredients to ensure excellent skin compatibility and comfort as they are built on highly pure skin-identical raw materials and precious oils of plant origin.

The treatment range consists of 11 product lines for the most optimal and methodical care of every skin type and age group.

Dr. Clemens Belter continues to lead the research and development team to discover and push the boundaries of skincare innovation.

Bel-Energen: Dr. Belter Cosmetic’s Breakthrough Skincare Line

Bel-Energen is the top performance skincare line of Dr. Belter Cosmetic. This premium line includes special formulations which mirror the latest developments and trends in the cosmetic sphere, such as Caviar, botox-substitutes, OPC and phyto-hormones. It offers anti-ageing products and treatments for women who wish to have both natural care with organic ingredients and highly effective innovation.

Carefully selected high-tech components such as biomimetic dermalipid membrane structure (DLS), patented peptides, Antarcticine®, Belisome® AP (a Dr. Belter-exclusive anti-ageing ingredient) and FreshCells® are combined with proven herbal extracts to deliver visible care results. All products are free of mineral and silicone oils and parabens.

The best of the Bel-Energen line is encapsulated in the Expertise 30 Set, consisting of a Concentra Pen and Expertise 30 Cream. The formula uses cosmetic key technologies to specifically counteract every aspect of physiological skin ageing. Combining the 10 best active ingredients of this generation, the Expertise 30 set represents the most elite of all skincare products of our time.

The Bel-Energen line also consists of four product groups (Phyto-Sensation, Dermo-Relax, Caviar Arctica Balance and Lumination Secret) each comprising a cream, a concentrate and a special treatment. They are completed with high-quality essential care items like the Daydream Cleansing Foam, the newly developed Daydream Tonic Spray and an exclusive Eye Lift Complex (containing Suberlift® and Gemmodrain® to reduce puffiness).

Contains an intensive isoflavone (from various phyto-hormones) to counteract skin fatigue and ageing caused by reduction of female hormones. It also provides replumping care for increased skin firmness.

 An anti-ageing line that progressively minimises the depth of expression wrinkles (recognised as a Botox substitute) and achieves ultimate face-lifting results.

Caviar Arctica Balance: 
 A revitalising repair line with emphasis on skin cell metabolism and key cellular functions. It protects and shields skin against environmental damage such as pollutants and temperature changes and fights the formation of wrinkles.

Lumination Secret:
A skin-brightening and anti-ageing skincare line for the reduction of undesired pigmentation. The active ingredients target to diminish hyperpigmentation and enhance hyaluronic acid production to achieve luminous and radiant skin complexion.

Price range: From SD$88 -SD$428

Sensi-bel – For sensitive skin

Sensi-bel Delicate:
A special care line for long-term or temporarily hypersensitive skin. All products are dermatologically tested, free of colourants, perfume and official preservatives. It also contains Derma Lipid-Membrane Structure (DLS) components, a top grade skin-identical cream base without emulsifiers that does not cause skin irritation and ensures penetration of active ingredients for healthier skin.

Sensi-bel Couperosis: 
This line contains five products which work to stabilise the skin tissue as well as prevent inflammation and premature ageing. The formulas have been developed to treat delicate skin with fragile capillaries, erythema and teleangiectasis.

Price range: From $72 - $168

Alright, back to my skin consultation and customised Dr. Belter skincare treatment ::

At the time when I went for this facial - my skin is kinda normal with a bit of sensitive itchy patches here and there (most around my eyes and inner cheeks) ... so here the scan of my cheek and compare to the scan of the skin near my jaw(which is the area that wasn't irritated). Can see the redness right - so sensitive!!

Shirley, told me that my skin is quite weak hence it gets irritated easily - I need to strengthen my skin so that it won't get irritation easily and have pretty clear skin. Overall, the skin surface was pretty alright - not much skin issue! (Yeah!!!)

Instead of their award winning Bel-Energen skincare line treatment - it's best for me to try out the Anti-irritative repair treatment to calm and relax my skin for a delicatr and irritable skin. (This treatment is suitable for all skin type ; especially nervous, irritated and delicate skin).

Products listed out for my Anti-irritative repair treatment

A cozy room for my treatment

Before the treatment
(I do not wear any makeup)

Here's the treatment procedure that Shirley had list it out for me so that I won't have to keep note and simple relax and enjoy the treatment ^_^ (this also explain the lack of pictures of my treatment ... I just wanna experience and enjoy the treatment without thinking about I still haven't take any pictures! kekekeke)

My favourite part would be the ultrasonic equipment used (it's cold and super relaxing - cold because of my sensitive skin - for normal skin is using using the warm setting.) Skin feel so nice!! After finishing my right side, I can see that the side of my face is tighter, fresher and not as reddish as compare to my left side! <3 

I simply look the cold feeling and you know when you skin was irritation .. skin is away warm and prickly ... cold compress always feel so good!! This is way better then masking face with cold towel!

After which she used this little tool to massage the eye's areas to reduce my dark circles and also did acupuncture points massage for my sinus (blocked nose!)  (Didn't do my whole face cos scare that it might irritate my sensitive skin) ... In Chinese we called this massage as "Gua Sha" (刮痧) to stimulates blood flow. 

After ... sharper face (can see the define shape of my chin/jawline.. but my neck is too chubby la! lolx) Brighter skin, less redness and my dark circles were not that obvious now!!

After the treatment, my skin feel quite good for a few days - less irritation and doesn't feel itchy easily!

Received a set of products from the Bel-Energen line - I still haven't try it yet..  I need to wait till my skin is stronger before trying them.

Dr. Belter Cosmetic products and treatments are available exclusively at::

Annabelle skin
The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street #02-42 Singapore 179803
Tel :: 63368975

Clover by the Spa
The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #04-66, Singapore 059817
Tel: 6225 6755

Esthe Beaute House

Roxy Square, 50 East Coast Road #02-65, Singapore 428769
Tel: 6344 2771

Face De Garden of Institute
Blk 116 Toa Payoh Lorong 2
#01-150, Singapore 310116
Tel: 6354 0180
In Touch Beauty
Blk 472 Tampines Street 44
#01-67, Singapore 520472
Tel: 6260 0702

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