Freshly cooked (宇鄉燕) Bird nest delivery to your doorstep

There are a lot of foods delivery services in Singapore like fast foods (mostly fast foods) but this is going to change because we get to have freshly cooked bird nest delivery to our doorstep by (宇鄉燕). Great news right?? No more cold bottle bird nest anymore!!!

The freshly cooked and delivered Bird's nest comes with an exquisite porcelain bowl, spoon, heating pack.

Neatly packed

The birdnest is still quite hot when I got it!!

Cute porcelain bowl and spoon

Look at the bird nest goodness
I'm not a fan of chinese sweet dessert but my whole family are!
The birdnest was quite good and not too sweet (yum)

About Yu Xiang Yan (宇鄉燕)
“Yu Xiang Yan” is an international brand specializing in marketing good quality bird’s nest. The company was established in year 2007 in Singapore, with factories in Indonesia, Malaysia and China. Yu Xiang Yan integrated value-chain includes raw material acquisition, production, packaging and sales to our consumers. The company continuously innovates to create different products from our own bird’s nest, and blends the best of prized traditional bird’s nest, with a modern and practical twist.

Yu Xiang Yan’s products are distributed through our own retail chain, direct to customers, wholesale to TCM hall and chains, and we accept orders via telephone, own and other e-commerce websites. We have established markets in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan.

Product quality is the Top Priority, “Yu Xiang Yan” operates internationally and has strict production processes in place, especially the selection of bird’s nest – fineness of fiber and degree of cleanliness. We have instituted quality control in each stage of production: from bird’s nest collection, cleaning, drying, packaging, continuing to ingredient selection, cooking, final consumer packaging, and delivery to your home or office. We endeavour to improve our operations and strive to deliver the best products to our consumers, bringing better beauty, youth, and health to everyone.

Price : S$26 per bowl


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