Review on White Label Premium Placenta Eye Cream

Sometimes back, I've tried and review the White Label Premium Placenta's Elastic White Skin BB Cream (link) and I like the texture and how it feel on my skin... so I'm giving the eye cream a try ^_^

White Label Premium Placenta Eye Cream is a placenta essence intense care for dark eye circles and wrinkles for eyes.

  • Nourishes eye zone with placenta essence
    Give a brand new feeling of brightness around eyes for a soft focus effect.
  • Collagen and hyaluronic acid content
    Give eyes elastiity and helps with moisture retention
  • Fast effect
    Placenta is a substance to inject into the eyes that cosmetic surgery used for coping with dark eye circles. The effect appears quite fast and at the same time there is brightening effect as well.

A light cream texture that has a hint of pink tint to it!
Very moisturizing and not too sticky thick like heavy cream~

Ingredients list

  • The eyecream is quite light weight
  • Does feel a little oily but it absorbed after afew mins and skin feel velvety smooth
  • Quite moisturizing and soothing
  • I does notice that the fine lines under my eyes look less dry and deep
  • Doesn't cause any itch or irritation on the skin around my eyes
  • I didn't notice any skin lightening
    (my dark circles still look dark.. but it's less harsh and I didn't look too tired without any makeup on) Maybe the results not that obvious.. but I do believe that using it long term wise, skin will look more radiant and brighter!
I enjoy the richness of the cream, without the heaviness and stickiness. Skin around my eyes feel nice and soothing... Not the best eye cream I've tried, but the best among the same price range.

I used this around my lips and this is soooo soothing and moisturizing on the skin around the lips (especially the skin between my lips and nose.. which is quite sensitive- I have sinus and I kinda rub the skin while sneezing quite often!)

White Label Premium Placenta Eye Cream 
Price : SD$15.90

White Label Premium Placenta's products is available at Plaza @Cosme and beauty direct and Guardian

Plaza@Cosme 100AM
100 Tras Street, #03-04 Singapore 079027

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(Note: I review this version I got allergies.. the skin irritation has nothing to do with the product if you are wondering)

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