Rejuvenate on the go with Trulife's Supplement drinks

There are many supplement drinks in the market targeting for everythings ... I believe that we need good skincare to keep our skin hydrated and radiant but we also need good supplements and foods to boost up the effects!

Recently, I was introduced to a 3 new Trulife natural remedies that help to rejuvenate skin from within. I'm excited to try them out and share it with you all!

Trulife is a newly launched brand by Poli Medical, an established company that has served the TCM needs of many Singaporean since 1971.

I'm a huge fan of Traditional Chinese medication - I have been going for acupuncture session every week for my eczema skin condition. I was quite intrigued by the collagen drink.

Trulife's ready-to-drink supplements combine powerful active ingredients that will absorb rapidly by the body for targeted results, giving us the luminous glow of health. And I simply love the fact that these supplements are manufactured in Singapore and contain no added sugar and additives.

TruLife Collagen Cell Renew
For bright and radiant complexion
Price : SD$56.60 (10bottles per box)

Rejuvenate From Within
TruLife Collagen Cell Renew with 15,000mg of pure Micro Marine Collagen Peptides is a tasty functional drink which targets fine lines, locks in moisture and brightens complexion to leave you with suppler, firmer skin.

Micro Marine Collagen Peptides
TruLife Collagen Cell Renew uses only low molecular weight collagen peptides of deep sea fish origin ensuring that your body only absorbs the highest grade of collagen available today.

Most collagen in the markets are mostly "fruits" base - most of them have tons of berries in them for the high anti-oxidant properties. I like that I have another options (peoples might have berries allergies right? lolx)

Still has the strong fishy but the fishy taste wasn't that obvious compare as compare to the other brands collagen drinks.

The consistency of the drink is thick because of the high 15000mg marine collagen contents, sweet and quite smooth. I prefer to take collagen drink at night (an hour before bedtime).. I find that collagen drinks works better at night then drinking it in the morning before breakfast. (Personal experiences and Trulife also advise to take this before bedtime.)

TruLife Herbal System Detox
Stay lean with less effort
Price : SD$45.95

TruLife Herbal System Detox is 10-day detox programs which helps your body in its digestive process and lessen oil absorption giving your body a clean and clear start you can feel.

Today’s modern lifestyle is riddled with stress. Impurities from the food we eat can also leave your body feeling unhealthy and weak.

TruLife Herbal System Detox uses 6 Natural active ingredients with Prune Extract and Vitamins to combat today’s life challenges!

I got to sample a bit of this at the preview session, taste like prune juice - sweet and quite smooth.

TruLife Berry EyeHealth
Brighten eyes and improve visual acuity
Price : SD$45.95

I didn't sample this drink, because recently I got some allergies reaction to mulberry- and this drink contain a berry that I have never tried before (Bilberry Extract)...  I better NOT try new stuff while I'm still recovering from the allergies. (I have a very strict diet of no seafoods (except fish) and nuts)

But I love the ideas of this drink, sound really promising especially for those who have issues with eyes problems or those who sit in front of the computer for long hours (me me me me... my eyes always feel so dry and tired at night!!!)

TruLife Berry EyeHealth is a concentrated dietary supplement drink developed specially for all your eye health needs. Based on a time-tested researched weighted formula, Berry EyeHealth consists of vitamins and ingredients are beneficial to our eyes and contains ingredients such as Goji Berry Extract, Bilberry Extract and Chrysanthemum Extract. With extensive scientific studies done, TruLife Berry EyeHealth is recommended for adults and children aged 2 and up.

TruLife’s non-concentrated sugar-free Bird's Nest
TruLife’s non-concentrated sugar-free Bird's Nest is prepared with only the best grade of 100% authentic pure bird's nest. Now with a richer texture and more generous ingredients, it contains no flavouring or colouring, retaining the nourishing benefits and natural goodness of our traditional best-tasting recipe.

At the previwing session, we also got to try their Sugar Free Bird's nest - still has a little sweet taste... but without the rock sugar taste (I don't like drinking bird's nest... but this I don't mind~ lolx)

I received a box of the Trulife Collagen Cell Renew drink (For one course - all TruLife supplement drink are a 10days course after one course we can switch to detox or any supplement drinks you prefer~) and a tri-kit pack (consists of all the 3 newly launched supplement drinks)

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