My skin suck! Allergy

Lately, I keep having issue with my skin - back in Feb, I have a huge rashes reaction (eczema outbreak) and have been going for acupuncture session every Friday. Have been feeling so good lately and I serious think that my skin are not happy with my happiness(lolx)

Before all the horrible pics.. remember I look quite normal hor

No makeup for the below 2 pics

From the beginning (What I think I GOT back then...)
I have some allergic reaction to 1 or 2 skincare products that I'm using like 3 weeks back - I have a little bit of itchy skin here and there on my face.. so I stop using NEW products that I think causes the reactions... but never in my sane mind will think that the main culprit was the point makeup remover (I never never have any skin reaction to all the "makeup removers" I have tried since I start using one many many years ago (when I start using makeup la).

Suffering from major skin allergy! Dry, flakey, patchy, raw, redness, itchy skin...  and when in contact with mild skincare or water.. it stings like hell!!! My skin is sooooo tight that if I don't use cream... it hurt so badly (I cried in my heart)!

After a week, skin is feeling much better, not as dry and tight... but the skin above my lips still pretty painful (have to keep applying vaseline to prevent cracks!!)

Then come Friday (1st Aug) ... Since I have to go for my acupuncture session - I decided to just attend the event I've RSVPed before the skin problems.

I apply sunscreen and tinted sunscreen for sensitive skin, apply eye liner and mascara.. very little makeup to cover the redness)

... At that time.. my skin is feeling good.. not tight and painful .. I was happy! The acupuncture session went well.. and I feel good and relaxed!

So when I remove the makeup in the evening (reach home around 7pm) - my skin was soooo dry (I think staying outdoor for long hours does without hydrating does lost alot of moisture... 

The next day (2nd Aug -Sat morning) 
My eyes swell up (only on the eyelids.. puffy but not painful or too bad.... (half swollen) and it start to reduce after a few hours... but I noticed some small bumps near my eyelids.. so I apply more eye cream (a new eye cream which is famous for sensitive skin) .. feel quite ok for a few hours .. doesn't sting  (no visible reaction or so).

I didn't try anything new the day before... except the new chinese medication and mulberry enzyme (my 2nd time having it)....  (I always has a cup of mulberry jam + green tea every other night for the pass month  - first time trying out the enzyme was the week before Friday - and I have rashes on my arms the next day - I wasn't sure what causes it!

(Aug 3rd 2014 )
Then when I went to bed around 4am (I know.. I'm an OWL!)... I start to feel uncomforable when I close my eyes.... warm and heavy.. woke up around 6 am... my eyelids was swollen... so I tell myself that when I sleep long enough.. the swell will goes off... but I woke up around 8plus am feeling more and more uncomforable and OMG... upper and lower eyelids are swollen.. and the skin feel so raw and sore! I feel a lot of pressure on my eyeball! I cannot fully open my eyes :(

When I look at the mirror.. I was like.. "Hello who are YOU"?!?!?!?!

 Hello... do I look sexy~
(trying to pose sexy.. #fail)
Can see the huge rim of redness (it feel very sore, bumpy and tight!)

Went to the clinic near my place (the only one that was opened) and had a shot and some allergic pills - I feel and look horrible!!! So I went back to sleep.... and I feels better after a few hours but skin still feel so sore and bumpy around my eyes!!! :(

BUT WHY my eyes still swollen?? On TV.. after allergic shot, they look normal when they step out of the hospital!!! WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!
Monday morning (Aug 4th 2014)
Slightly better.. and the skin around the eyes doesn't feel sore and raw... just very dry (like paper)!
I use water to wash my face (soap free cleanser - Johnson baby bath in the shower at night)
Vichy Thermal water to do mask my eyes and apply La Roche-posay cicaplast and I avoid applying anything around my eyes (wait till it heals I going to soak it with eye cream).

In the evening -  I tried apply aloe vera gel around my eyes and it feels so good! (I will be using that at night on whole face including eye areas)

Night time before bed~
My double eyelids are coming bacd - still feel a bit puffy and very dry.. but I feel good!

Tues (5th Aug 2014)
Wee~ I look like me again.. though under eyes still look alittle puffy, very dry skin around the eyes and some redness... but overall.. I feel good!

So, this time... I think the point makeup remover wasn't the culprit ... maybe it does... I donno, because before I start drinking mulberry tea, I do experiences some skin itchness back when I first start trying out the point makeup remover. But I only use it for 2 days and then I stop - cause I got my usual oil cleanser.... so that was a puzzle I will not want to find out.. not going to try using that again "just in case".

So I'm allergic to mulberry!! I never tried mulberry before (only recently when my dad bought some and said this is good stuff!)

I kept thinking that maybe because I'm older now, so whenever I have some allergic reaction, it will take longer time to heal (cos my skin don't provide as much collagen as compare to when I'm younger!)

Anyway - I have been taking Rupafin (10mg) and Prednisolone (5mg), my skin is feeling better (even though I didn't apply moisturizer)... body stop itching... everything feel normal except my eyes (recovering)... I'm happy I'm feeling better! (Now, I learned that if I have some skin reaction, it might not be the skincare that I'm trying... might be the foods that I having!)

For so long in my life, I never thought that I will be allergic to fruit or any kind of foods, since I eat almost anything!

When I have my acupuncture session every week since March 2014, I stop eating seafoods (Some fishes are ok, as long as they are good for skin) for my eczema treatment.

Next Friday, went I go back for my acupuncture session, I going to let the sinseh know about this condition.

I miss my good skin days~

Becareful of what you try, eat and touch - stay healthy and happy!! Skin issue is really scary, painful and traumatizing!

A little update after the first swelling of my eyelids!
Start to feel a little itchy on the outer corner of my eyes on Monday night (11 Aug)
The only different things I do was that I apply a little sunblock over my eyes (I thought my eyes recovering - no more dryness/itchyness/swollen) and I had half pack of Almond (I never eat that much almond before... normally just 2 to 3 nuts! lolx)

And the eyes become more and more itchy the next day (Tues) and by wed... the outer corner and the lower outer corner of my eyes feel raw and red :( and become more and more uncomfortable on Wed!
Got the same allergies pills from the clinic (and my eyes start to feel more better... but very dry...)

And when it's about to heal - on Monday (18 Aug)... I start to feel alittle itch on my eye lids and the skin in between my nose/lips - Got alot more itchy and weird on Tues!

On Wednesday (20 Aug) the skin between my nose/lips become swollen.. feel very sore and painful (a bit flakey) and my eyes was a little bit swollen (just near the upper lash line!) Didn't get better the next day or the day after!  On Friday, I went for my acupuncture session, I told my condition to my sinseh... he looked back on his records and say it shouldn't be his medication that cause this reaction (he hardly changed my meds... ) He ask me not to eat nuts (almond) and see how....

Sat... eyelids still alittle swollen.. but I feel better .. .skin doesn't feel too sore.. but it super reddish! (I look ugly!!) 

Worse happened on Sunday morning (24Aug)... woke up to swollen (it not as serious as the first time... only on the eyelids... one eye is more puffy then the other... I dont feel too bad... by night time... the swelling went down (but still can see a bit puffy near the lash line)  Skin inbetween my nose/lips feels a little better.. but still quite sore/painful/tight!!!

Monday - woke up with swollen eyes again (this time another eyes look more puffy then the other! So sian man... why like that!!!!!) same thing... by night time.. the swell went down!

Tues.. woke up with swollen eyes AGAIN!! But not as worse as the past 2 times (I mask it with cool water and the swell went down a little bit!!) I can't take it anymore.. so I went back to the clinic and ask the Doctor again! He say may be eczema(-__-"') ... hmmm..... Anyway.. he gave me different medication (night/day different and a cream to apply on the skin)

Cetrizin 10mg(day), Hizin 25mg (night) and Beprosone cream 

So far.. I'm getting better... no more waking up to puffy eyes.. the skin between my lips/nose has healed (I think.. since.. doesn't feel sore nor painful now.. does feel alittle tight.. and a little itchy every now and then.. I just refrain myself from scratching it!) the discoloration around my eyes looks better now.. still alittle dry (flakey skin) and I feel quite ok!

I want to my usual skin back.. I hope this allergies will be over soon! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!!!

I miss applying awesome skincare and applying makeup!! I want to look normal and not tired all the time with the ugly discoloration of my face! 

Update : 2015 Sept (One year after the skin allergy!)
My skin never feel like before anymore... the skin between my lips and nose.. will get itchy, sore and red sometimes... but not as dry, flakey or painful like before! (have to wear good waxy lip balm all the time to keep it hydrated!)

Skin wise - I start to wear makeup around Oct 2014 - but I avoid sun protection products... because it irritate my skin (I donno why, my skin just feel worse and itchy at the end of the day after I cleanse off everything! SO I avoid sun protection products) But I still test test every two weeks.... and sometimes it doesn't irritate sometimes it does (so really donno what's the cause!!!)

NOW (I can wear sunblock all the time and feel ok! Yesh!!!)

Skin feel kinda normal now.. I can try all kind of skincare (mostly hydrating range.... and when I feel somethings not right, I wash off and stop using it right away~) But so far so good, no irritation at all!!

Skin issue always took a long time to heal, so PLEASE treat your skin good and don't any how try unknown products! Don't risk it...

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