IOMA Sphere and Cell protector spf 50+ Pa+++

Back in late July, I had my skin(face) analysed by the IOMA Sphere and also check out the new launch of IOMA Cell protector spf 50+ Pa+++ (The ultimate protective shield for your skin cell).

IOMA Sphere is a rapid method of analysis, based on patented and specific techniques of light filtering, and provides you with an instant “photograph” of your skin. Five different photos reveal your skin’s imperfections most often invisible to the naked eye.

Thanks to these pictures, IOMA Sphere measures the condition of your skin (the dermis) and provides us with the means to follow its evolution before and after treatment.

Getting my skin analysed

My skin hydration level was pretty GOOD (1 being very good where 15 is the worse) - This test was taken right before my skin went down hill with allergies (so now when I look at the results.. it does somewhat hint that my skin is having some issues.. like the "bacterial activity" was way high! But according to the BA - she say that maybe I kept touching my face and the dirt around the us it kinda dirty hence the high reading!)

The rest of my skin is pretty good and just need to focus more on my eye areas (Which I have been doing it ever since donno how many years ago! lolx)

 The IOMA Sphere also show you a list of products that was cater for your skin

IOMA Products doesn't have "range" they comes in numbering system~
Straight forwards and simple (but for skincare lovers... it's a little hard to remember which number meant for which skin ranges... lolx)

For dehydrated Skin

 Fine lines

 Wrinkles and lack of firmness


Bacterial activity

Oily Skin


IOMA New Cell protector spf 50+ Pa+++

The texture of this sunblock is pretty light and doesn't feel sticky on the skin~


IOMA Paris Singapore is available at Isetan Scotts and Robinson


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