Star Lash Perfect touch eyeliner in Rich Black

There are many brands and types of liquid liners in the market and I always find that Japan has the best waterproof liquid liner.The brush tips is sharp and easy to control where the liquid is moist enough to give a nice a even thick liner yet dries up fast.

And when I received the newly launched Star lash Perfect touch eyeliner back in May 2014, I can't wait to try it! 

Rich black waterproof liquid liner - with a glide on formula that give a perfect slick liquid black line. Lasting finish, stays on without smudging and long wearing.

When I open up the cap, my brush tip was abit off~
Like spilt end...

Ingredients list

The liquid liner was a little bit dry at first- feels more like a drier pencil liner that I have to keep layering to give a nice intense black - But after using the liners for a few times (about 7 times) it warms up and the liquid flow out nicely (doesn't feel as dry as before).

The pigment (black) does build up to a nice intense glossy black (I like~)

The tips of the brush is not as sharp and find that it doesn't give a precise slick line. I seriously think that I may got a bad one, but still the liner did nice job at giving me an intense black eyeliner.

It does smudges a bit on my left eyes (I tried many eyeliner, most of them smudges on my left eye only.... I think I tears more on that eye????) But once I wipe of the smudges.. the eyeliners never smudge again and last all day. Didn't fade and remain intense for many hours.


(if you look closely can see a little bit of the lighter black then I didn't layer over with another coat of eyeliner)

Over-all ::
  • an average smudge-proof liquid eyeliner
  • Waterproof and long-lasting- cos the eyeliners stay on the lids nicely without fading
  • Doesn't irritate my eyes
  • Love the glossy and intense black finishing
  • Easy to use (Good for beginner)

Star Lash Perfect touch eyeliner
Price : SD$ 18.90

Now available at John Little Singapore Plaza Singapura

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