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Couple weeks ago, attended a meet up with the peoples (Ms Chie Maeda and Ms Hiromi Hanado from Japan) from Tokyo Luxey for a cosy session to learn more about this online community from Japan Tokyo.

About Tokyo Luxey
Rouge Asia Inc. (formerly ChieMaeda, Inc.) has launched tokyoluxey.com. This website focuses on the curation of Japanese cosmetics and beauty products, video streaming-oriented e-commerce, and the LUXE community of women. It is their philosophy at TOKYO LUXEY that, together with the trendsetting women of Asia, do build a bridge between Asia and Japan.

The first contents of the website will be the reality TV show "Star World Asia by FOX Asia" which features Japanese cosmetics specially selected by TOKYO LUXEY. In this show you can see Japanese makeup methods demonstrated by famous Japanese makeup artists.

At the cozy session, we talk about popular products from Japan and the trend in Singapore and what Singaporean would love to try from Japan... Just a small cozy get-together session with a bunch of beauty lovers :)

By the time we eat, I was so famished that I almost forgot to ask what's inside this pasta!
(I cannot take seafoods!)

Not sure the name of this dish, but this is a tomatoe cream basil base chicken penne pasta

 And they gave us each a goodies bag of their favourite Japanese products to try it out~

24h Cosme Powder Foundation

Saw this on some Japanese magazines and at one point +miwitch J  have been talking about this non-stop on how she's going to hunt this down at Japan and ects.... So.. I was excited to see this in the goodies bag... but sadly, the shade they provided was way to dark to use it as foundation on me!

Fleur de mer
Price : SD$42.47
Get it here (link)

Day and night cream for normal skin. Acting as a foundation for beautiful skin, this cream restores radiance to the skin with perfect moisture and elasticity.

Powerful moisturizing effects result in youthful, lustrous skin. This light-wearing cream’s characteristic is its smooth feel on the skin. 
  • This is the lightest and freshest feeling cream out of the three types available.
  • Tests have shown moisture content increases by 134.5% six hours after applying.
  • Delivers soft and translucent skin by preserving moisture and restoring radiance. 

Gently apply the appropriate amount to the face and neck.

May appear white immediately after applying, however after a few moments this will settle into the skin. 

If you prefer, you may press with a gentle wrapping motion on the face while warming with the palms of your hands to help remove whitness. If stickiness remains, please adjust the amount of product being used.

Evangelist BB Cream
Price : SD$54.74
Get it here (link)

An award winning “3D” BB Cream that combines all-in-one makeup functionality with skin-care from ingredients such as placenta and EGF.

Make It & Co Wash oil (Organic aroma washing oi) and moisturizer

Gel cream type of texture, moist and light-weight~

Albion is brand that I quite familiar with
I've tried their skin conditioner and I love it (review)

Just recently, Albion launched their best seller serum in Singapore Eclafutur

Right now, they having this Tokyo Luxey gift box (containing all retail size products) on their website for only SD$39 each. 

Get the TOKYO LUXEY GIFT BOX Singapore @ SD$39 (Limited to 300 boxes)


For international (outside Singapore) you can shop at 

Quite an interesting website/online community if you are interested in Japanese Cosmetics~ Do check them out at www.tokyoluxey.com 

If you decided to join Tokyo Luxey, you can put my ID (everbluec) on the (Referred by...) box - Thanks :)

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