Stop stressing and Start Living with STRESStabs by Watsons and Pfizer

Stress is quite a common issue many have been facing living in our fast pace country, we try all kinds of remedies to relax ourselves.. some work and some don't. To me doing the stuff and being with the peoples, pets that I loved relax me.

To help one cope with stress in today's modern society, Watsons and Pfizer has introduced the new STRESStabs - a high Vitamin B complex supplement containing all the necessary nutrients (Refer below) to provide one with energy to stay ahead every day, both mentally and physically.

With Vitamin B complex infused into STRESStabs, this energy booster provides the body with nutrition support in times of stress by replenishing energy levels with vitamin B complex. The new STRESStabs formula is also boosted with other active ingredients such as vitamin C and E that support immune system with antioxidants.

STRESStabs is available in gender-specific formulas that are tailored to meet the specific needs of men and women. Retailing at SD$26.75 (per bottle)

For Women 
Contains iron to help fight fatigue and boost overall well-being of women. It also contains folic acid in levels that meet RDA requirement for women planning pregnancy. Folic acid is a vital vitamin that supports brain and nervous system function, benefitting mental health.

For men
Contains Zinc to support men's immune ststem and increase men's vitality. Zinc is an essential mineral required by the body to maintain a healthy body growth and development. It also aids the process of wound healing.

I didn't open up this supplement, because I'm taking herbal medication for the time being and also taking supplement that helps to detox the body- I will introduce this supplement after I finished the detox supplement. (I don't wanna take a bunch of supplement for the time being)

Anyway, to helps relieve the signs and symptoms of stress, Watsons - Asia's leading health and beauty retailer is in collaboration with Pfizer has launched a stress management campaign to help individuals better manage their stress levels and to stop stressing and start living

Stress and Health
Research shown the positive impact of nutrients in managing stress conditions as it improves one's energy levels and supports the overall immune system.

When we are feeling stress, body begins reacting - like hair loss, skin become duller, heate rate and blood pressure spikes and hence increasing the risk of heart problems. So to combat the negative effects of stress, getting the right nutrients into food is very important.

Nutrients like
  • Vitamin B complex that contains Vitamin B1 (whole grain breads and cereals)
  • B2 (Milk, kidney beans and fish)
  • B6 (oatmeal, strawberries, bananas and soy products)
  • B7 (liver, egg yolks and milk)
  • B12 (fish, poultry, eggs and cheese) 
All these can not only help to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression but also provide an energy boost when one is unable to function due to high levels of stress. Vitamin B complex is required by the body to maintain and sustain optimal performance. It's benefits are numerous as these vitamins play a key role in cell metabolism and are therefore critical for energy production in the body.

Stress Management Pharmacy consultations
In addition, Watsons pharmacists will also be able to perform a stress test to advise shoppers how to better manage their stress levels and rate their current level of stress. And consumers will also be able to redeem a gift from Watsons pharmacists by sharing the best method of coping with stress.

STRESStabs is available at selected Watsons stores.
Price : SD$26.75

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