Sleek Limited Edition i-Divine i-candy eyeshadow palette (swatches)

Swatch posts are always fun! Kekeke.... recently I hauled a little and here's one of the items... Sleek limited edition i-Divine : i-candy eye shadow palette.

Love the box packaging design~ cheerful and fun~


I have always been a fan of sleek i-Divine palette... their eyeshadows were really pigmented and awesome. The color stay on the lids nicely... but it always creases a little bit on my crease lines (double eyelid's fold) . With good primer and base - the crease problems will be solved!

Over the years - their formulation have been getting better and better.. and I really love their frosty eyeshadow texture now... creamy, soft and really intense!

Apple Sour and Pear Drop are my favourite!!

 Ingredients list

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You can get Sleek at Luxola (Singapore)
the official (US - international shipping)

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