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Ever since the weather's getting more and more crazily.... I have some acne pooping up around my chin, jaw line and occasionally on the nose! Not forgetting that my skin tend to become tight and dry easily... so choosing skincare is quite a fuss - I need rich cream to keep my skin soft, soothing and hydrated.. where the richness of the cream is like a yummy snack for my blemishes! (Argggg!!!)

Very irritating right... anyway, it's kinda a good time to test out the new La Roche-Posay Effaclar DUO(+) .... said to be able to reduces severe imperfections, corrects and prevents marks while keeping the skin hydrated for 24 hours. Cool right?!?

I have really good experiences with La Roche-Posay - their skincare is quite friendly for sensitive skin and they work nicely and "slowly"... so have patience with it and you will see results.

I have high hope when I start using this... but dear gosh~  I don't quite enjoy using it at first... cos I find it too mild in the moisturizing part (So used to the richness of the cream.. and this just feel "velvety" and lack of the "moistness" that I enjoy so much on rich cream)

Anyway, after I stopped using this for a week... I decided to try this again since my blemishes just don't wanna go away! Best decision ever, lolx (Well,  I always give a product another round of use before I decided whether I like it or not~)

Procerad is a patented ceramide which proved its remarkable power to reconstitute skin's protective barrier and restore its integrity with ISO-UREA MD Psoriasis Balm.

It is now showing new-found and as yet unexploited potential to correct imperfections and prevent the marks they can leave behind.

Procerad joins the ranks of the original formula's shock-treatment quartet of active ingredients - already powerfully unclogging and corrective on both types of acne lesion-retentional and inflammatory.

Niacinamide - the reference anti-inflammatory active ingredient for intensive soothing
Piroctone Olamine to combat bacterial proliferation
LHA and Salicylic acid for their complementary keratolytic actions
Targeted Linoleic acid to regulate keratinocytes, plus target the follicle

Ingredients list~

Here's the after and before pics
(doesn't look very obvious but I do notice that the skin does look brighter with less redness~)


20 days later~

Side by side~

When I first start using the Effaclar DUO+ ... I find that the consistency was nice, lightweight and quite refreshing - very suitable for our weather and on combination/oily skin. BUT this was a little mild on my then dry skin... my skin just cannot get use to it especially at night~ I simply miss the richness of creamy finishing that I adore so much (cos the "oil" kinda soften my skin and make them feel so nice and soft the next day).

So after using this for 3 days - I gave up and switch to my usual moisturizer (SK2 stempower - review of this will be up soon)... after a while the blemishes I got (due to the hot weather - nothing to do with any skincare products).. I decided to give Effaclar DUO+ another try.... Since my skin not as tight nor dry.. good time to try it again! (lolx)

I like it this time! It does helps to soothe the hot blemishes (you know when the acne was about to burst.. it feel itchy, painful and warm.. very irritating feeling!)

I find that when I layer the Effaclar DUO+ the hydrating level build up - maybe I think too much.. but my skin feel good and doesn't feel tight or dry. My skin was kinda combination oily (not as dry as before) at that point.

It does helps to speed up the healing of the post acne marks - normally, it will took me weeks to fade off the redness.. but when I'm using this Effaclar DUO+ the redness goes away quite fast (less then a week.. I think~)

The finishing of this Effaclar DUO+ is matte... skin doesn't look shiny, wet(you know like when you just applied lotion on the skin that time of "wetness")

Velvety smooth finishing and skin only start to shine after afew hours (3/4hrs)

From the above before/after pictures.. although the lighting is different, you still can see the marks are not as obvious as before. There's some redness but I don't mind those redness.. cos they made my cheeks look rosy~ kekekekkee

I do noticed that my nose doesn't have much black/white heads - usually if I never use my favourite bliv out with those heads.. I will have a lot of black heads (I sneezed and blow my nose constantly... and the skin clogged very easily). Good alternative of Bliv out with those heads (Yesh~)

I enjoy using this a lot (prefer to use this in day time)..... I still love using cream for night time moisturizing.  I'm not young anymore and my skin tend to feels dry and tight easily - all the late night, lack of sleep, lack of water in-take and aging is killing my skin~ I need anti-aging or intensive hydrating products!

I will totally recommend this for normal, oily and combination skin ... hydrating enough to be use as night moisturizer and a good product for problematic skin.

Edit 4th July 2014::
I just found out that even though this product is quite moisturizing enough for normal to oily skin - but this was suppose to be a treatment product (use under moisturizer). 

I was pretty clueless at first (maybe I never look hard enough or I simply never think much after seeing "keeping skin hydrated for...." on the box).

So this is a treatment - must apply moisturizer after this!!

La Roche-Posay Effaclar DUO+
Price : To-be-confirm

Available at Selected Watsons, Guardian and all departmental store that carried La Roche-Posay.

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