Review on Apivita Express Beauty ntensive hydration face mask with Cucumber

If you going to pay a visit to Apivita - do check out their wall of express beauty facial masks. A wide selection of express beauty masks with skin loving ingredients like; pink clay, honey, royal jelly, grape, ginkgo, orange, aloe, propotis, olive and ects...

I have been having tired skin, dry on the inner cheeks and skin between my nose and lips (from all the sneezing - hate my sinus allergy). And we all knew that it's never enough with just good hydration skin care routine, right? - SKIN need some intensive masking! Lolx... so I decided to try out the Apivita express beauty intensive hydration mask with cucumber.

The masks is retail in a pack of 2 
I pack is per use (have to use them up to get the maximum result!)

An wash-off facial mask that was enriched with cucumber extract, has a unique moisturizing properties, which will refreshes and rejuvenates the skin. With the combination of jojoba and avocado oils provide valuable lipids that nourish and help hydrate the skin while the geranium essential oil further provides hydration and toning.

Ingredients list

Applied the whole pack of the mask on my face~
(thick and even layer)

After a few minutes~ some of the mask have been absorbed into the skin~

When I first put on the mask, even though I never kept this in the fridge, the mask feel really cooling on the skin - nice and refreshing. After awhile (say about 2 mins) I feels a little tingling (stinging) around the drier areas of my skin (this is quite normal ... cos "lotion-like" texture tend to sting abit on broken skin) The sensation wasn't that intense and I kinda don't feel it after 5 mins.

When I wash off the mask - skin feel supple, no redness, no irritation and itchyness.
Towel dry and skin feel soft and smooth. I look refreshed and pores seem to be a lot smaller then before!

A nice soothing mask, No break-out after a day and skin is well hydrated -(need to use this a few time to fully make the broken/flakey skin go away~).

Overall, this is quite a nice mask to use - the scent of the cucumber is so refreshing and I totally enjoyed the 15mins of masking.

Apivita is available at ION and Vivo City


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