Review on 1028 Visual Therapy - Advanced Whitening Essence Foundation

Ever since I got a new camera after my Samsung EXF2 die on me (I only have it for 2 yrs!!! "sign~" ), it's been really hard to do any form of reviews that need me to take a selfie (I means pics of my face).  Still trying to get used of the weight, no flip-out screen and positioning the camera.

Anyway, back to this post... I got myself the 1028 Visual Therapy - Advanced Whitening Essence Foundation couple months back and here's my thought on how I feels about this foundation.

1028 Visual Therapy is a makeup label created by Taiwanese makeup artist's Xiao Kai (小凱) and in the land for bright eyes (亮眼装) and nude skin... we surely can bet that their base products to be quite good! (I hope~ kekekeke)

Came in a drip drop applicator - which is good.. 
but the area near the cap kinda become a little bit funky (dried up foundation residue)

I got the lightest shade OC-01 (Think they have 3 shades for this foundation)

Hand swatch~

Here's my bare face with just skincare/sunblock
I have some redness around my cheeks, under my nose and chin~

Face swatch

With and without foundation
The shade foundation does even out redness and brighten up my complexion

  • The foundation feel really nice on the skin
  • lightweight
  • Easy to blend - feel like a light serum 
  • Has the liquid to powder type of finishing
  • Skin doesn't feel tacky, moist or lotion-y
    (can totally skip setting powder)
  • No breaking out nor skin irritation
  • The finishing of the liquid foundation is velvety
  • Light coverage but buildable to a average medium coverage
  • Doesn't even out redness 
  • Complexion look smooth 
  • Does enhance a little bit on dry areas (say under my nose and inner cheeks)
    All this can be prevented when I use a more hydrating primer
  • The foundation look really good on camera
Over all, the foundation look fresh for the first 3 to 4 hrs and start to wear off a tiny bit once I still to sweat or getting warm from our humid weather outdoor (not too noticeable from an arm-length distance - I just like looking in the mirror super close-up ... like 5cm away from the mirror - lolx)

Foundation feel nice on the skin, and I like that the foundation brightening up my reddish skin and it doesn't feel heavy or tacky under humid weather.

Products I used on my face~

benefit rockateur blush
Too faced bronzer and highlighting powder

Clio gelpresso waterproof pastel upper liner in mintade
Benfit they're Real! Push-up liner
Heroine Make Long and curl mascara

Testing out Benefit they're Real! Push-up gel liner~ easy to use 
(but does twist up a little bit too much of gel)

Clio Gelpresso glow tint in killheel Red
Kpalette Lasting 2 way eyebrow
Heavy rotation brow mascara

1028 Visual Therapy -  Advanced Whitening Essence Foundation
Price : SD$38

Available at Selected Watsons and SaSa Cosmetics Singapore

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I think I tilted up my head alittle bit higher then my usual selfie 
(please excuse my chubby chin! kekekeke)

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