Introducing Apivita

Sometimes back, I pay a visit to APIVITA @ ION and learn about the brand and their products... and I quite like what I hear~ quite excited to try the range out especially when they mentioned that their products are quite "sensitive" friendly.

About Apivita
APIVITA has been creating natural effective and holistic products since 1979 to promote health and beauty.  

Nikos and Niki Koutsianas, both pharmacists, first met at a local Athens pharmacy in 1972, where they discovered their shared passion for nature. They were married in that very same pharmacy and together they created their first natural cosmetic products using bee products and Greek herbs.

In 1979, APIVITA was born and was the first natural cosmetics company in Greece. Its sources of inspiration are: the society and the products of the bee, the rich Greek nature and the holistic approach of Hippocrates. The name `APIVITA` means the life of the bee and it stems from the Latin words APIS (bee) and VITA (life). APIVITA`s name reflects identity and our philosophy for an organized, productive and sustainable development modeled as the society of the bee. Our logo is inspired by the Bees of Malia, a rare piece of Minoan jewelry from the 18th-17th century BC. The two bees, together, form a union, symbolizing fertility and harmony. They are also surrounded by an open circle which represents the lyre of Apollo, symbolizing devotion, sustainable development and belief in ancient Greek culture.

Today, APIVITA products can be found in thousands of pharmacies throughout Greece. Internationally APIVITA has physical presence in 11 countries worldwide: Australia, Belgium, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Sweden, USA. Our main milestones in our history since 1979.

Since 1979 APIVITA has developed a unique philosophy to develop every product by combining three basic elements: Nature, Effectiveness and Holistic Wellbeing.

They have a TOP 10 Sellers wall~

The wall of masks (easy browsing with the "main" ingredient listed on the side of the products!)

The shelve of face care products~

My personal cosmetics (where you can customize your skincare)

This candle is quite amazing - the wax is kinda like essential oils that can be applied on the body 
(feel quite nice on the skin)

Apivita Lip care
Paraben free, propylene glycol free and silicone free

In the store, they have this little corner that sell travel size products 
(for you to try if you are not ready to pay for full size)

Love the little tea time corner where we can have a cuppa of warm and soothing tea~


Below will be some products I find it interesting and looking forwards to try them (in near future) and some are their popular products ..

Herbal Creams (Popular and I find it very interesting!)

If you have some kind of skin condition/issue/problems - say very dry skin, itchy skin, sensitive skin, eczema condition and ects... these cream come in handly ... I've tried the "Cream with hypericum" feel really soothing and nice on the skin!!

Apivita Hair care products are quite a hit

Body care range~

Kid range~
(Cute packaging!!)

One of my favourite skincare~ Sun protection!!

Popular product Tinted suncare 
(which is quite pigmented and feel's like a BB cream)

They also have products for female's intimate area

If you are a "soap" person... Apivita also have a selection of Natural soaps~

Hand creams

One of their popular range 
The natural serum

Skincare ranges~

Sets (Travel kits)

Men's care~

Irene from Apivita picked out some products for me to try and knowing that I have some eczema/skin condition issue - she gave me a tube of "Cream with hypericum" to try it out!

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