Bio-Oil - An all round improvement oil for scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone

Ever since I start trying multi-purpose oil like 2 yrs ago beside using my usual body butter/lotion... I cannot get enough of how nice oils feels on my skin. 

Anyway, I always thought that Bio-oil is just like a normal baby oil - but I seem to be wrong after looking into it (Bio-oil contains more different type of oils and ingredients then just mineral oil!)

So when I received a bottle of this oil... I can't wait to try this when the hives all over my body recovered (I got this around March - which my skin was on it worse...) and see how this will work to reduce the scarring!)

About Bio-Oil
Bio Oil is a specialist skin care oil that helps to reduce the appearance of scars, marks and uneven skin tone. The breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil together with vitamin A and E, natural plant oils - Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary and Chamomile, combined together works by replenishing the natural oils in your skin helping to diminish any marks and scars no matter how big or deep, is fantastic during and after child birth, corrects uneven skin tones, soothes out fine lines and wrinkles and can also be used after sun bathing or as a hand cuticle treatment.

Bio Oil is easily absorbed and non-greasy. It is hypoallergenic, contains no preservatives and is suitable for all skin types.

Bio Oil helps is a great daily skincare specialist moisturiser for face and body - replenishes the skin’s natural oils, stripped away by extreme weather, frequent bathing and showering and the drying effects of central heating and air conditioning.

Bio-Oil is manufactured and distributed worldwide by Union-Swiss, a multinational skincare company in South Africa.

Ingredients list

The bottle of the Bio-Oil is very basic and neat... doesn't feel too flimsy~
Wanna ask my sister to use this.. but she doesn't have stretch mark before and post pregnancy 
(she's so lucky~)

The oil is clear in color - very light and doesn't feel too thick

When I first received this product, I cannot use this on my skin cos I have quite a number of open wounds (hives)... so I used this on my hair (on the hair end only).

The oil doesn't feel too oily and it absorbed quite nicely and hair look shiny and oh-so-pretty(lolx) .. doesn't weigh down my hair.. doesn't have the "wet" look! Nice (Hair ends look healthy and shiny).

When I'm recovering from all those nasty spots (hives).... the scarring when away and some left over doesn't look too obvious (cos I was taking traditional medication(herb) and flower seed oil)..  I happy that it recovering fast - so just to keep my skin feel smooth -  I just apply a thin layer on my arms and elbows...

  • Bio-Oil doesn't feel too oily
  • The consistency wasn't too thick
  • Absorbed nicely into the skin
  • Skin feel smooth and supple (I like)
  • And it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin
    (Just a little pricky when I keep rubbing the skin or apply too thick)
As for reducing scars (it need to use it twice a day for at least 3 months)... I'm not too sure about that, but I believe that when I use it as often as I should I can see visible results. Cos hydrated skin make scars go away faster.

Most of my scars are on my legs - where I'm still going for my weekly acupuncture session (I didn't apply the oil on that areas).. so I try not to apply the oil on the legs.

Overall - I do enjoy using this as a moisturizing oil for my dry skin  - prefer this over body butter or lotion (which I donno why kinda irritate my skin a bit... maybe cos of the "thickness" .. trying to avoid anything that will make my skin itchy).

And I also love using Bio-Oil on my fingers and nails - mades my fingers look so healthy and pretty~

Note :: 
Do keep in mind that - I have been having no seafoods low protein diet (except big fishes like salmon, tuna and cod - all the good fishes).

I will be back for update after using this for 3 months or until I finish up the whole bottle! (Keeping my fingers crossed for amazing results!)

Price ::
SD$15.50 (60ml)
SD$25.90 (125ml)

Available at all leading pharmacies, Watsons, selected departmental stores and Hospital

Information extracted from press release

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