The Wet Brush - the healthy detangling hairbrush

I have really long hair and I have a habit of NOT combing my hair frequently - especially when my hair is wet to prevent breakage. When I normally use my fingers to comb thru my hair. I donno.. I just don't enjoy combing my hair!

But once a while I do love to use a brush like the one shown below to massage my scalp .. feel really nice to release a bit of tension.

Anyway, when I received this "The Wet Brush" ... I thought that the bristles feel a little bit small and "sharp" (not chubby enough) .. surprisingly - the bristle "tip" doesn't feel sharp nor harsh on the scalp... it feels nice~

The Wet Brush - the healthy detangling hairbrush 
Is the best selling hairbrush in the U.S.! With its famous “IntelliFlex bristles,” it’s a product that has set a milestone in haircare.

The bristles’ flexibility enables protective and pain-free detangling. They are firm enough to comb through knots, yet flexible enough to be gentle on the scalp.

The Intelliflex bristles are what make the Wet Brush so special. They have intelligent flexibility, they know when to be firm and when to be flexible - They glide through hair (wet or dry) effortlessly detangling and prepping for healthy styling.

The tips of the bristles even massage the scalp to circulate blood flow! It’s no mystery why Moms and kids can’t live without their Wet Brush. It’s available in most beauty stores and salons in the U.S. and more than 45 countries.

The brush is a good size and it feel nice on the palm (I just find that the bristle is a little bit short and small for thick/ long hair "wet" like mine... maybe I'm just not used to using a brush to comb thru my long hair)

As for detangling - it works find without pulling my hair... just need to do it section by section if you hair is thick or long (very long) lolx... but it feel so much better then using a wide tooth comb!

Over-all - I do enjoy brush it thru my scalp as it feel quite nice~ kekekee

Available in 4 shades~

Available in two sizes (Regular & Mini) 
Price :: SD$15.90 and SD$11.90

Product was provided for consideration
I'm not affiliated with the company.

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