Thursday, May 01, 2014

Skinbiotics Even+ Whiter Skin lightening and anti-blemish formula

SkinBiotics Even+ Whiter Skin lightening and anti-blemish formula is the latest addition to the SkinBiotics Supplement for beauty skin - Their first Skinbiotics Reactiv range were pretty good in my opinion.

Skinbiotics Even+ Whiter Skin lightening and anti-blemish formula will helps to lighten skin tone naturally, inhibit melanin, reduce blemishes and enhance skin anti-oxidant defense by just taking 1 pill per day. I have fair skin, but anything that say anti-oxidant, reduce blemishes is the selling point for me!

The power of Even+ Whiter Skin from within ::
Is a breakthrough oral skin lightening formula that helps lighten skin tone, reduce blemishes and increase anti-oxidant defense. Contains the novel GSH Tripeptide complex with Gluthathione that has been shown in clinical studies to helps lighten skin tone in as early as 4 weeks of consumption.

Even+ Whiter can be used alone or in conjunction with Reactiv 01, 02 or 03 for enhanced skin regeneration.

  • Contains GSH Tripeptide Complex & Vitamin C (2 of nature's most powerful whitening anti-oxidants used widely in celebrity-style whitening treatment which are usually administered via injections. With recent science development, these two ingredients can now be orally consumed while producing similar efficacy on skin whitening.
  • Naturally whiter without injection
  • Helps lighten skin tone, reduce blemishes and increase antioxidant defense
  • Dermatologically tested on 60 Asian Woman and published on the Journal of Dermatology shows that GSH Tripeptide helped reduce melanin and resulted in fairer skin in 4 weeks of consumption.

Ingredients list::
L-Glutathione Setria, Ascorbic Acid, GSH Tripeptide Complex, Vitamin C

A box can last up to 21 days~ (21 pills)

The pill was quite big, but I totally have no issue with swallowing~

This post gonna be an initial thought on this supplement because ....
 - I only took this supplement for 2 days only...
 - I have some problems with my skin (eczema, hives,skin allergy) before I took the supplement (at that time.. I didn't think that the inflammation will be that serious and trigger hives all over my body)
 - The skin issue has nothing to do with this supplement, Skin conditions are always hard to prevent and because of this outbreak, I seek Traditional Chinese medication and acupuncture (visiting every week)... so I have to stop taking this supplement. (I scare it will crash la... although my dad say as long as I don't take them together I'm safe.. BUT.. but.. but ... I just scare la)

On the 2 days of taking the supplement (once per day in the morning).. I do not experiences any weird sensation nor feel any different on my skin.

Which is good because this doesn't have much side effects. 

I have good faith with Skinbiotics products... so I was "dreaming" of fast result of lightening and preventing blemishes (pipe dream!! I know.. lolx.. everythings NEED times)

I always have this belief that all supplement when taken for a long period of time... it will SHOW results. Even if the result wasn't that drastic, skin will still benefit from it.

Anyway... once I feel that my eczema issue is under control and I don't need to take so much TCM... I will start back this supplement.

All the hives and scratching leave marks and pigmentation all over my body!! I need to erase them away!!!!!

Skinbiotics Even+ Whiter Skin lightening and anti-blemish formula
Price : SD$89 (per box of 21 capsules)

Available exclusively at Watsons

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