Review Juju Aqua Moist Moisture Lotion (Moist)

Few years ago, I did a review on Juju Aqua Moist skincare range (link) and I really enjoy how moisturizing and refreshing the range provided (back then I have slightly oily combination skin which then to break-out easily).

Now, years later, with slightly different skin concern, I received the Juju Aqua Moist Moisture Lotion in Moist (Richer version - for dry skin). The Juju Aqua Moist Moisture (Moist) had received the @cosme and iVoCE award in Feb 2013. Am excited to try it out!!!!

Thick and rich lotion penetrates into the stratum corneum quickly.
Rich moisture makes the skin plump and moist. It contains double amount of hyaluronic acid (Compared to JUJU AQUAMOIST collagen lotion and whitening lotion).

The comfortable density of the toner melts into your skin and freshly penetrates deeply into your stratum corneum and moisturizes your skin!

  • Colorless
  • Mildly acidic
  • No additional flavor
  • Made by 100% Pure Water
  • No Animal Constituent added

Saving this ducky for baby niece in the near future
(when she can sit on her own for bath time.. can't wait~)

The Lotion packaging is totally different from the previous version which is "glass bottle" ... this new packaging is more easy on to grab and so much lighter in weight... A standard bottle packaging in Japan.

Ingredients list...

I have combination skin still.. much drier (tight and flakey skin sometimes), doesn't have much breaking-out issue... but I do have some inflammation from time to time (mostly around the nose). 

  • The lotion is quite watery (not too thick nor sticky) more of a moist slimy consistency
    (quite similar to Hada Labo or Japan lotion in general)
  • The lotion doesn't feel too thick, sticky nor oily
  • I soak up a cotton square and dab it all over until my skin feel cool and oh so refreshing
  • moisturizing
  • Quite soothing 
  • Absorbs well
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation
  • No breaking- out from using 
  • Work well with other brand skincare products
Over all, I really enjoy the refreshing and moisturizing factors of this lotion - as it doesn't feel too heavy on the skin nor too rich to cause any seeds around my T-zone.

Juju Aqua Moist Moisture Lotion (Moist)
Price : SD$20.90

Available at 
Plaza@Cosme 100AM
JRunway Store
John Little
Pink Beauty

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