Review : Belif Peat miracle revital cream

I have been rotating different types of moisturizers and creams before I had the skin allergic while having some issue with my eczema (immune system problem) back in late February 2014 (I know... all kinda of issus start showing up once immune system is going down right?!?!?

But this also kinda made me become extra careful on everythings... including cutting out all seafoods except fish... weekly visit to my TCM for acupuncture session. (Painful session, but it helps ALOT!)

Back to the subject... I stop using Belif Peat miracle revital cream because I wanna try out the Dr Qu Moisturizer (I'm glad I give it a try.. I love it!). Anyway, I should do a review on the Belif Peat miracle revital cream before I forgot how nice this cream feel on my skin.

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Ingredients list

Pretty creamy, not too "watery" but spread out like smoothly and deliciously on the skin 

I have been using this cream for 2 week straight back in Jan.. before I start adding in serum and rotate with different moisturizer.
  • The cream is quite rich as compare to the normal gel cream consistency.. but once I spread out the cream on the skin, it feel moist, creamy and slightly oily .. but feel really nice and soothing on the skin.
  • Smell so nice and soothing
  • Doesn't cause any breaking-out
  • No irritation
  • Very moisturizing
  • Does has a slight stinging sensation on flakey broken skin
    (but it not that obvious that will make me stop using it)
  • Rich but doesn't feel too heavy on the skin
    To be honest... the finishing of this cream is not the favourite type for oily or combination skin... BUT I love the little dame/thick/oilyness of this cream .. cos it makes my skin feel really supple/soft/fine
  • A bit heavy, but doesn't feel too heavy to be use a day moisturizer/cream
    (Doesn't cause any issue with my foundation/bb cream/cc cream)
  • Does feel alittle bit oily
    (But once the cream absorbed into the skin, skin feel soft, supple and smooth)
After using this cream for a period of time of more then 3 to 4 weeks.. .skin feel fine in texture, smooth and supple. My skin look radiance and doesn't look too tired.

Just like their eyecream - feel really good on the skin and made skin care routine more enjoyable!

Belif always have good skincare products.. they always feels and smell good without stressing out the skin.

Peat Miracle Revital Cream
Retail Price: $84.00(50m)

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