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I'm a huge fan of a nice soothing and refreshing toner, lotion(Janpanese version) or thermal spring water. A step after cleanser and before serum/essence and moisturizer. And when I got the Albion Skin conditioner, I didn't know what to do with it... I keep this in my cupboard for ages (well... not to the point where it expire! lolx).

The reason being that this skin conditioner has to use after their milk lotion (After cleansing, milk lotion, skin conditioner then finish it off with moisturizer) - this step caught me off-guard that I'm not willing to give up my "traditional" toner/lotion first then milk lotion/serum!

Anyway, after hearing reading a lot of good reviews and this skin conditioner just look too good not to try it!

Why Skin conditioner has to use after milk lotion
ALBION Skin Conditioner has to be use after Japan version of Milk lotion, then pour a good amount of Skin conditioner toner onto the cotton pad and lightly pat all over the face. And finish it up with moisturizer or cream.  Because after milk lotion, skin is moist and the skin conditioner will stay on the skin and condition the skin much better then without Milk lotion. (Most Japanese lotion are kinda like pre-moisturizer lotion)

Product Features
  1.  For skin whose condition has deteriorated, it restores a normal cycle to the corneous cells’ metabolic rhythm and leaves skin in smooth, healthy condition.
  2. For skin that has been exposed to UV rays and has tendencies to get dull or dark, it restores skin’s innate whiteness and clarity.
  3. Calms flush skin and wards off all sorts of troubles like irritation, acne, and pimples.
  4. Botanical astringent ingredients smooth fine lines and restore firmness to skin.
  5. Penetrates the skin well, supplying moisture to the inside of the skin and restoring a lustrous, youthful, and supple condition that lasts and lasts.
  6. Feels cool and pleasant when applied.

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Me being me... I did try using this just like any skin lotion (toner) - after cleansing and pad skin conditioner all over my face before essence/serum and then moisturizer.

It works - the skin conditioner feel so refreshing and very soothing on the skin! Totally enjoy using it!
Skin feel very refreshing and supple and it does aid the adsorption of skincare.

  • Beside, I didn't have any skin irritation or breaking-out during
  • Skin look radiance and healthy
  • does help to soothe irritated inflammated skin
  • Very moisturizing
  • The consistency of this skin conditioner feel light, very watery
  • Skin feel really refreshing and cooling to touch
  • has a raw scent (doesn't feel like there's any fragrance added!)
  • Does leave a film of protective layer on the skin, can feel it (waxy velvety type of feeling)

Anyway, I did try using this skin conditioner the correct way (milk lotion first then skin conditioner).

I apply a Japanese type of skin lotion (I pair it with L'Oreal Hydra fresh Spa water - which is quite thick as compare to normal toner/Japanese lotion)  where it's a bit too heavy to use as soothing lotion/toner.

So after I dab my face with L'Oreal Hydra Fresh Spa Water... I soak up a piece of fresh cotton square with Albion Skin conditioner and dab it all over my face..... oh boy!!!! I can feel the instant coolness - skin feel so refreshing and oh so soothing! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE *drawing heart in the air* Totally doesn't feel weird nor feeling too heavy on the skin!

Totally worth this extra step - skin feel really nice, soothing, refreshing and radiance!!!

You have to try it to enjoy the rush of refreshing feeling on the skin! I know this skin conditioner is a pricey but totally worth the splurge!

Ingredients list 

Albion Skin Conditioner Essential is available in 
330ml (Price : SD$140) and 165ml (Price : SD$82)

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